Thursday, July 12, 2012


I would have never moved in here had I known!  I've got the neighbors from hell.  These people are the trashiest, most obnoxious, loudest and worthless wastes of space I've ever had the displeasure of living next to.  I've only lived here a year since I became a victim of the housing crisis, but it's been enough to make me wish for something terrible to happen to these barbarians.  My place is nice and cozy and charming, and the whole entire block here is full of pretty respectful and hard-working people who keep their homes looking pretty nice and clean.  BUT THESE NEIGHBORS?!  EEK!  These heathens are drug addicts, foul-mouthed, and have at least eight children who are all under the age of 10!  I've lost count, but I think the two sisters live in the complex with their kids and one of them has her sperm donor there, but then again both of the sisters just had babies and the kids are from different daddies and their mother is there too and their landlord lives in the back but he recently got evicted and it's just a never ending nightmare from these rats.  Yes, they're rats!  Some days are actually pretty peaceful and quiet, but those are rare.   Every day those kids are out playing and making noise.  The sisters battle each other or their respective baby daddies.  Epic cussing from everyone there, including the kids!  Every time I leave my house I walk away from that cursed dwelling and avoid them at all costs!  These savages must be on welfare, but recently someone was smart/brave enough to call Child Protective Services on them and the police to get them in trouble!  AND IT WASN'T ME BELIEVE IT OR NOT!  LMAO!  Oh, how I cannot wait for these people to be murdered!  Yes, including the children!  The kids like to talk sh*t as one walks by their place and act just as bad as their parents!  Look at the way they're being raised; what possible future can one expect from these spawns?  NONE!  All the houses on my block look nice, but theirs?! Devoid of any grass or trees and there's always trash all over the place.  It looks like something you'd find in a horror film! LOL!  As I write this, the two sisters are fighting each other and one of the babies is crying!  So when is the law going to take care of these losers?!  OH PLEASE BABY JESUS, SMITE THEM WITH ALL YOUR POWER AND GLORY, THESE DEMONIC SATAN-POSSESSED HUMANOIDS FROM HELL!  Quite frankly, they don't really ever mess with us directly, but it's the noise and disturbance they cause that makes it unbearable.  If this doesn't cease, I'll have no choice but to move; I've actually started to look for a new place.  Crossing my fingers daily they will all die during the night and peace at last will come with the next sunrise...

I wish I had as many readers and comments like I used to get back in the heyday of this blog, but I guess ever since I had my heart ripped and crushed to shreds back in 2010 + the brutal recovery and beyond, my posts have never been the same.  Some have accused me of being too negative or not moving on or focusing too much on NARCISSISM.  Yes okay, perhaps I have spent way too much time on dreary and all too-real material, but I never foresaw learning the painful, yet VALUABLE lessons I have in the past three years or so!  It has been nothing short of eye-opening my friends, and I'm afraid I'll never be the same again!  I don't wanna give up on love or people either mind you!   Because no matter what, I truly do believe that there are good humans out there still!  So ya see?  I'm not that embittered YET!  I do however recognize and am much more cautious about who to allow in my life and into my heart from now on.  ANYONE WHO DISPLAYS AWFUL RED FLAG NARCISSISTIC WARNING SIGNALS simply does not make it past a few words with me anymore.  I cannot stand abusive, controlling, or petty folk.  Gay men that are interested in tearing down others because of the way they dress or look turn me off, as do those who focus only on reality shows and stupid FAKEBOOK trivial nonsense are immediately disqualified from my life.  I want people to have a heart, a mind, and a soul!  EMPATHY!  A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR!  I want people to be kind, generous, and show some caring!  I want people to be smart and intelligent and can talk about art, world events, and our strange incredible existences!  I want to be enriched and my self-esteem to be lifted, not dragged down by some awful toxic person.  So often, emotionally giving people like myself miss these negative clues because we want to be tolerant or kind to others, but F*CK that.  NO MORE.  I'm not saying I've become an asshole or a jerk, but I have learned to draw more healthy boundaries.  At least I hope I have.  I'm obviously not perfect, nor will I ever be, but I am trying my best to not get steamrolled ever again by bad humans.  One will always run into sh*tty individuals at work or in public, but the trick is to not allow them to make you miserable!  Always keep calm and do not allow their toxicity to ruin your happiness!  Maybe my terrible neighbors are yet another lesson in humility?! LOL!




Great song and this video is purty neat:


Gary said...

Hey Sexy,

Keep posting and the readers will come back. You have been away for so long! And I am always here.

A get together is long overdue. I want to rub a little of my optimism on you and make it stick.

Anonymous said...

Double ditto on what Gary said, and having met him I hope you two do a meet up.

I've been thinking that I want to revive my own blogging and miss the connections I made via blogging circa 2006-2009. You were one of my first blogger conenctions, and I miss following you and your always funny and spot on comments.

mkf said...

you know, wat, i spent some time reflecting recently on all my past hookups and/or dates. they run a wide gamut (to say the least), but i realized that the one thing almost all of 'em have in common is the fact that, about 90% of the time, they did about 90% of the talking.

and i guess that was fine with me because i really don't much like talking about myself and have used these opportunities to become a master of the art of the subtle interview and thus have gotten guys i've known for half an hour to give up astonishingly intimate details of their lives--but at the end of the day, i'm getting a little tired of the narcissists, too.

my acid test for whether a guy is worth investing energy in has come down to how many questions he asks about me, versus how much time he talks about himself. if the ratio doesn't approach 50/50 (and it rarely does), they never rise above trick status in my eyes--and the funny thing is, they always wonder why.

as for your blog, it's as entertaining as it ever was, but people--especially online people--are fickle and easily distracted. i suggest penis pictures :)