Thursday, July 05, 2012

SUMMER 2012.

I just bought a new laptop!  My friend Larry was nice to help me choose a cheap, yet quite effective Toshiba!  I really needed a new one, because my old Dell was just embarrassing; speakers were blown out, the battery only lasted five minutes, my DVD player was broken, I had tons of viruses, etc.  I promise to take care of my new laptop ok?  I dropped the other one quite a few times, but it was so ridiculously heavy!  My new one is pretty light and seems more disposable (Made in China, LOL), but it will do!  I'm typing my first ever blog post on it!  As my friend back in Kentucky would say, "RIVETING."  LOLOLOLOL!

Oh kids, in two weeks I'm having yet another birthday.  MY GOD!  How time flies.  Yesterday was Independence Day, and I went to a local barbecue in the afternoon and got to hear my ghetto neighborhood turn into a war zone at night as everyone set off their illegal fireworks!  Oh brother!  At least my mom and I got to see the professional show in the distance from our front doorstep, which was actually a nice treat/surprise.  I tells ya what, it makes me very grateful sometimes to have been born in these United States.  Despite the fact I'm not rich, I have so many things to be thankful for.  This country has been a remarkable economic, technological, cultural, social, and creative marvel/force unlike anything the world has ever seen!  The opportunity to become anything you really want no matter what class you were born into has really been a wonderful ideal--the American Dream.  I don't want to get into how all this has gone down the toilet in the last decade or so and how America is now becoming a country of super rich elites where the middle class is being wiped out and all those great democratic ideals have now been torn to pieces and we have effectively pissed all over our Constitution--I'd like to think of this country as what it used to be; where everything was possible and there were seemingly no limits to one's potential.  I know that slavery was shitty and that women and gays had no rights, so for all that social/civil progress we have achieved I am happy I am living now, but I don't like the direction this once GREAT nation is going.  So much divisiveness, growing poverty, lack of jobs, corruption, greed, selfishness, and increasing crime.  Democrats and Republicans are all in bed together, yet people are still stupid enough to believe in these two parties!  Congress is full of greedy corrupt filthy rich millionaires who don't give a crap about the common working American!  We need a REVOLUTION damn it!  Those brave Founding Fathers that stood up to the English king; you won't find leaders like that anymore.  It's sad, but no one has the balls to die for the cause in these times!  We're all f*cking cowards!  Patrick Henry said it best, "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!"  Americans now are happy to take it up the rear as long as their favorite crappy reality show is on television!  UGH!  We're a nation of brainwashed dolts, seemingly unaware of how much this awesome country is now tanking!  We've become lazy and complacent.  Spoiled rotten really.

I want you to enjoy every good moment you can.  I got very sick about two weeks ago and it sucked!  Stomach flu or food poisoning, but it scared me very much, because I am never that ill.  This year has been one of spiritual awakening for me.  I am a gregarious fun loving man with a dry sarcastic cynical sense of humour, but as I grow older I have come to realize that people or substances cannot be depended on for one's emotional stability or happiness.  Happiness has to come from within really, and you must cultivate your own self-esteem and confidence.  I'm not saying there aren't good people out there, but I am saying that heartbreak and disappointment caused by others is very real and sadly all too common nowadays.  I firmly believe relationships should last a lifetime, but then again maybe I'm clingy and co-dependent?  I dunno man, but I want to believe in good friendships and true love; perhaps this is why I want my faith in God to grow?  I just don't think the universe happened by itself or that the miracle of Planet Earth and all this life just evolved!  THERE HAS TO BE A GOD!  I'll go into it more some other time, when I don't feel so plagued by random thoughts, but I will say that to believe in a Higher Power offers me a comfort I cannot find in ANY human being as of late.   Faith is powerful, and should not be taken lightly!  I am emotionally and physically vulnerable!  I NEED GOD IN MY LIFE!  A LOVING TOLERANT GOD THAT LOVES AND BELIEVES IN ME!  More on this to come...

I still love Radiohead.  They're weird and brilliantly unconventional:

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