Monday, November 12, 2007


A sincere thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on mee silly posts!

Well, I've heard but a mere blip here and there on the news about this really bad oil spill that occurred in San Francisco Bay. That sounds so awful! As if our environment isn't screwed up enough and getting worse, now this has to happen! Beautiful city situated in such an amazing setting really. I do believe however, that there's enough outrage now that the story is starting to get major attention by officials and concerned citizens.

A news story that did get lots and lots of attention however, is the hilarious and shocking event that happened at the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, Chile! Venezuela's uncouth and low class leader Hugo Chávez has previously behaved like a real twirp, but this time got put in his place by royalty itself! Turns out the current prime minister of Spain Zapatero (who is most civilized and respectful), was telling Chávez that attacking the previous Spanish prime minister using disrespectful names was not fair or appropriate. Chávez claims the previous Spanish leader was a fascist supporting Bush in Iraq; Chávez kept interrupting Zapatero, and King Juan Carlos had enough, and firmly tells Hugo, "Why don't you just shut up?" Or in its original format, "¿Por qué no te callas?" LOLOLOL! Of course, Chávez still cannot keep his yap shut and kept talking smack today.

Ya wanna see the juicy footage? Está aquí:


En español:


Todd said...

That was prety funny. But the nut is kind of scary, especially considering some of the work other leaders in South America are doing. SA is poised to really enter the world"s markets and kick some ass. It'd be a shame to see Venezuela as a hinderance.

Palm Springs Savant said...

very amusing. Chavez does kinda scare me tho. what a mess

Gary said...

Hey Wat - I did read about the oil spill and it naturally bothered me. Humans keep screwing up. Thank goodness there are some folks out there who are trying to make things better.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

The spill happened just before I was coming home from Spain/Catalonia, so this post has multiple relevance to me. There has been some good news. Many of the birds rescued and cleaned up were released on Friday. However, our illustrious mayor did not feel the spill was important enough to cancel his vacation to Hawaii with his girlfriend.

Chavez is a tricky person. Some of my leftist friends here in SF think Chavez is great because he speaks out against Bush and irks him. However, I don't think it's always good to embrace your enemy's enemy without recognizing his flaws. And, in Chavez's case, he's a true ass and is hurting progressive, balanced leadership in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and elsewhere in Latin America that are more balanced but also not willing to cave in to the ever hulking U.S.

Some of the same friends critique Spain and want to always dismiss it for being the source of all the colonial abuse in the Americas. There's no question that Spain had a long history of abusing many at home and abroad, but today it has one of the strongest economies in Europe, a generally progressive government and -- oh, did I forget to mention -- some of the best looking men in the world.