Friday, November 13, 2009


I spent my Veteran's Day Wednesday hanging with my sweet witty bud from Kentucky. I just love sanctioned days off from work man! YEEHA!

Last year I mad
e it a point to watch as many classic Bette Davis movies as possible, now I'm getting the urge to watch as many Joan Crawford films as well. We all know the rivalry between these two Hollywood superstars of the past was legendary. From what I've read, Joan tried many times to befriend Bette, and possibly even had a crush on her (Joan was allegedly bi), but Bette never forgave Joan for marrying Franchot Tone, whom Bette was madly in love with. The bitter feud lasted years, and the fact that these two bitches even made Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? together is nothing short of a miracle. I've seen Joan's most famous film Mildred Pierce, and it was pretty awesome, but I'd like to check out some more of her stuff, in particular the movies she made in the 1930s. Crawford's look/eyebrows were bizarre later in life, but in her early days she was quite the beauty in my humble opinion. I find it fascinating to watch movies from the 30s, because it was the first decade films had sound, and the realization that most of those productions were filmed in my hometown of L.A. is pretty neat man! Anyway, Mommie Dearest allegations and all, Joan Crawford is one fascinating woman, and I am looking forward to sitting down and checking out her filmography. Trog however, is not on my list of Joan movies to sit through however. LOL!

How dare I even show any intolerance towards Chastity Bono right? The girl is a lesbian and her decision to come out of the closet years ago and be an advocate for gay rights is to be applauded and celebrated, but the recent news-making headlines that she is well on her way to becoming a HE is really messing me up! HA! I mean, I don't think Chastity looked so bad as a chubby girl and all, but now we're supposed to call him Chaz? EEK! Have ya seen pics of Chaz lately?! YIKES MAN! Looks like a brawny lumberjack now! I think he's even going as far as getting the gender reassigment surgery too correct?! We all deserve to be happy in the end, so I have no right to judge, but I am most happy in my gender. Cher says she stands by her, son, but poor Cher man, how does she even deal with this shit?! HEE! I guess it's kind of ironic that Cher is now looking like a man in drag herself, so there!

I just saw Nadya Ginsburg this past Saturday live in that play and she is just plain terrific! She deserves to be on national television more often or in some big Hollywood movie. Here she is brilliantly playing Cher in this hilarious YouTube skit with Jackie Beat as her "new son" Chaz:


mkf said...

funny you should mention bette and joan, wat--a bunch of friends and i are having a long-planned potluck/movie night this coming saturday featuring the former's "dead ringer," followed by the latter's "i saw what you did and i know who you are," both sublimely cheesy-yet-excellent mid-60's post-"baby jane" flicks which i can't recommend highly enough.

and as for chaz: whenever i see her current incarnation, i still remember the angelic blonde child she once was, and shudder to myself. un-pc? yeah, eat me.

Conclave27 said...

Well... if Chastity is happy then go for it. Remember there are levels of sexuality. If she truly felt she was a man trapped in a woman's body... more power o her. Seems there is a double standard though, why is it more acceptable for guys to chop of the cock and become a girl... than Chastity to become a man?

Look on the brightside.... once she has her gender re-assignment surgery... she can technically get married to a chick in California..... lol!!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I am a huge Joan Crawford fan and have all her movies. I brought a few with my for my long overseas flights and had multiple people comment as they saw Joan on the screen. It was fun. I just rewatched The Damned Don't Dry, a fun Joan flick. And then of course there is The Women...but Mildred Pierce, i can watch that over and over, it never gets tired.

RG said...

In Bette's autobiography, she tells the story of the scene at the beach in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane when she falls on top of Joan Crawford that when she landed on top of her, she had on such hard-stuffed padded bra, it was like falling on top of two footballs!

And good for Chaz - from overweight lesbian to overweight man. I wonder if she'll do Bear Weekend in Provincetown this summer?

alice said...

I thought Joan and Bette both defined "high-riding-bitches" for that era. But I never thought they were at all appealing. Bette always seemed so arogant, looking down her nose at everyone. And Joan was just hard - she had no softness to her - and was a user. I remember hearing my mom and dad talk about the two actresses, and all the antics they would pull during their "heydays". But I grew up watching their movies and they were both talented and riveting to watch. I just would never want to hang out with them in "real life".