Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It was a great GREAT weekend folks. I am so lucky and blessed really, despite my scintillating awesome job! Halloween is sadly over! :(

Well! At the very last minute and spur of the moment, my "Hungarian" bud and I decided to leave Hollywood (where he actually lives) around 5p.m. Saturday and head on out to Palm Springs, which is just two convenient hours away. We just had to escape the madness of Halloween in L.A. so this was a perfect idea. This whirlwind trip was quite well spent I must say. It took me a while to feel comfortable in my resort room, which was heavenly quiet and all, but I get a bit edgy and uncomfortable in new places away from home, which is why I need to seriously look into a bit more alcohol consumption or something. So after my miserable panic attack, I was able to regain my composure, and got dressed to go out to the local gay bar Toucan's and was up the whole night baby till dawn! FUN FUN FUN! The freaks were all out in costume and the music was pulsating baby! I loved it! Truly loved it! Got to meet my BFF and his crew who were already there living it up! The pics are all here if ya wanna check them out. My "Hungarian" bud is a hoot and wonderful travel partner by the way, and his magnificent automobile is a dream to drive, and the navigational system is quite efficient I must say! LOL! I had never heard so much Madonna, Britney, Lady Gaga, or Goldfrapp played in my life, during our road trip to and back. Awesome!

Friday, I briefly dressed up as this guy at work for this quick photo shoot. Silly me, but I had some of my co-workers effectively in stitches, whilst others looked at me like I was some sort o
f alien, as they had no idea what my costume was supposed to be. Friday night, a friend invited me to go see Paranormal Activity with him, and I did not have many expectations, but ended up liking the silly film anyway. At one point, it did jolt me out of my seat, and for such a simple cheap movie with unknown actors to make so much money is quite astonishing. The guy in the film is a hottie I must say, despite the fact his character in the movie is a bit annoying.

I leave ya with Goldfrapp baby! Catchy music for a road trip indeed


sttropezbutler said...

And a good time was had by all....nice, very nice.


A Lewis said...

Looks like a great time....and, say now, that Hungarian fellow....hum......

Bruce said...

Tucan's is great fun!! Palm Springs is such a change from LA, it's like night and day.

mkf said...

here's hoping the buzz from the weekend carries you through yet another week of cubicle drudgery--and if it doesn't, then reminding yourself of what a photogenic fucker you are should do the trick.

alice said...

I love those commercials - ShamWow!!!!! Too funny. I'll bet you did a perfect imitation.

I'm so glad you had fun in Palm Springs. I have not been there in years - in fact, we usually avoided the downtown area and went to Desert Hot Springs. My friend had a place there and it's the best in Fall and Winter. Good times.