Friday, November 06, 2009


I've neglected your blogs fellow blogger friends. I apologize. Busy living or busy sleeping here.

Did you
hear of the largest cruise ship ever built? The Oasis of the Seas is huge! HUMONGOUS! ENORMOUS! The Finns built it, and no that is not a last name but I mean a company in Finland constructed it. It holds some 6000 passengers and 2000 crew members! WOW! Makes the Titanic look like a joke really. My friends/co-workers and I were checking out this video tour of the ship at the office earlier this week. Here's another one. Pretty impressive, although kind of bizarre to go on board a floating city as a vacation. The point of getting away is to GET AWAY, but on this ship it feels like you've never left land and basically kind of gotten stuck in Las Vegas or something. And speaking of Sin City, there's CityCenter opening in Vegas next month! Nestled between the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio, this crystal/glass empire looks tremendous. I can't wait to go and see it! There's two new hotels and three condo complexes I believe at this new resort area. WOW MAN! My co-worker/bud J.S. is not at all impressed by human ingenuity/architecture/engineering, but I am! LOL! I mean, yeah our species sucks for the most part, but we sure can build some mighty impressive structures sometimes. All I need now is plenty of cash to check out both these awesome projects out! YEEHA!

I haven't watched the first episode of the remake of V, but so far it got good ratings and good reviews. I remember the original terrific mini-series back in the mid 1980s for crying out loud, that's how old I am. It was a big deal. Gay marriage failed to pass in Maine on Tuesday. BOOOOOOO! Not that I'm running out to get married, but STILL! Gay equal rights must happen! There is no room for intolerance anymore in this new fragile global warming world! We're running out of time here, and the human species must learn to truly co-exist, before it's all over. We waste so much time bickering and being divisive, when in all honesty we're all going to die one day! There is no time to lose! Peace and love baby! MAKE GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL! And if your God opposes it, let HIM/HER be the judge, although quite frankly I don't believe God opposes anything that is good and loving.

Last bu
t certainly not least, I am deeply moved by the story that the late great Bea Arthur left a $300,000 donation to a gay runaway youth shelter! Isn't that the nicest thing ever?! Oh, how we love you Dorothy! God bless your soul and your feisty awesome spirit lives on:


Bill German said...

V gets an B+

Palm Springs Savant said...

I loved Bea, she was so wonderful.

And oh btw- that cruise ship, HOW BIG IT IS!

alice said...

Good grief - that cruise ship looks top heavy. What if a big wave turned it over - yikes. I love going on a cruise, but that thing is too huge.

I loved Bea Arthur. I was so sad when she passed. I watch the Golden Girls every evening with my mom - the reruns are on the Hallmark Channel and I never get tired of them.