Friday, November 20, 2009


Oprah is ending her show?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What ever shall I do now?! Whatever. Bitch got more money than God. Who gives a f*ck?!

I think Taylor Lautner is very handsome. Those teen girls are crazy over him, and my God, he's still a teenager himself too! Not even out of or barely done with high school! CHRIST MAN! Hot. Fit. Athletic. A movie star. Super young. Have you noticed how much younger singers and actors are making it in the business nowadays?! Or is it just me?! Anyway, I hate you Taylor Lautner! I HATE YOU! I'm green with envy of course. BUT STILL! ARGH! I never had this kind of success or glory when I was 17! Hell, I still don't at, um, 25! This is so unfair! Not to demean or trash the hot young man's incredible success, but upon hearing him in interviews, he sounds a bit gay doesn't he? He's gay. Taylor is sooooooooooo gay. I pray and hope he has a small dick too. SO THERE. Me bitter? NEVER! This f*cker was born in the 90s. HOW OLD DO YA FEEL NOW?! Some ten years from now, that old corpse Barbara Walters will be interviewing him about his massive coke habit or something. You watch.

I've known about Sofia Vergara for years because even though I'm a very Anglo-
behaving Hispanic, I still got a family that watches that Spanish-speaking TV ya know? LOL! Anyway, Sofia used to host a show and model, but she used to be a blonde though. But anyway, there's no denying the bitch from Colombia is quite attractive, but I never got her--now that she's on Modern Family however, I think she has finally hit her stride. Her accent is quite hilarious, and she's perfect for the show. Ya wanna see Sofia in her earlier days speaking da Espanish? Watch this clip of the whore. This is how I first remember seeing her. Straight Latino men have been mastubating to her for years. HA! A recent and very fun interview with Sofia here.

Have a fantabulous weekend people. This is a good song. I think Jason Schwartzman (yes, the actor) plays drums in this band:


Gary said...

This Taylor has much in his favor but at the moment he seems to be in an akwkard stage. He is like other teens who are exploding into independance and life as though they are the first to ever experience it. The 'look at me' phase that I find both amusing and annoying. But he is only 17 and dealing with a lot of attention.

I just saw Modern Family for the first time last night. Great show. I love the gay couple.
Also, great pic of Farrah. Isn't it sad that her partner in life was hitting on someone at her funeral? Relationships are so strange.

Gary said...

Haha make that awkward.

alice said...

Modern Family is hilarious!!! It is dysfunction at it's best and funniest.

I love the picture of Farrah. I just read that Ryan was not included in her will, and all her money went to their son, Redmond. I hope all those riches don't finance his drug habit. That would break her heart.

RG said...

Most of the up-and-coming big stars these days, are younger than most of the dental work I have in my mouth. Sigh....

Palm Springs Savant said...

I like modern family, its pretty decent actually. It will find its way as the writers and actors gel together. all in all a good start tho! So are you going to see Mariah in Precious this Friday???