Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hmmm... I'm looking over my last two blog posts, and not ONE comment. BOOOOOOO! Yeah, I know I've neglected your awesome blogs also, but I'm selfish! LOLOL! I know, I know, we're all busy trying to get through life, so I understand.

I just realized my blog is not very personal. I never really talk about myself as much as I do other celebs or pop culture items. Well, the times I have gotten truly personal is when I start hating my job or I get really depressed,
but other than that it seems like I'm always reporting the news or regurgitating useless information. Is this true blogger friend? Am I overly superficial and lost in stupid trivial facts, when there are more important things I should be discussing? Like my fabulous sex life? Like my goals for the near future? My thoughts on gay relationships and gay dating in this Hollywood cesspool? Ya know what, my blog is probably fine and dandy as it is, but I'm feeling overly analytical and pensive tonight, so bear with me. I can't help but mention that Sunday's Super Bowl telecast has now become the highest-rated TV program in American history, beating the record held by the series finale of MASH! WOW! An estimated audience of 106 million watched this game! My bud still said something ironically funny though, "Only a third watched the game? That's it? How can the rest of the 200 in this whole entire country of 300 million still miss it?" HAHAHA! I mean, I went to dinner with my soulmate, and I still got to see the game on a big screen at the restaurant. There really is almost no escaping it.

I'd like to pay tribute now, to the nifty portable device that heats up food better than any microwave, THE TOASTER OVEN! When was the toaster oven invente
d?! I have no idea, probably sometime in the housewife 1950s, but man I love my toaster oven and almost any other toaster oven for that matter. Frozen taquitos and other appetizers and snacks are easily thawed and heated in a toaster oven with no hassle! Mind you, it's really only for the heating of certain foods, but somehow you know that a pizza slice or two will be horribly soft, soggy, and chewy after coming out of a microwave. In a toaster oven that same pizza slice comes out as if freshly baked, nice and crisp! Mmmmmmmmmm! Have I sold you on the toaster oven folks? I think I have, so if you don't have one of these great inventions yet, what tha hell are you waiting for? I don't know if Julia Childs ever really used toaster ovens as she was a big showy cook, but I bet if Julia were alive now, she'd agree with me that when it comes to heating a nice food portion for one, nothing beats the toaster oven!



mkf said...

yeah, you haven't made your presence known over at my place lately, either--i assume i'm being punished for not showing the proper respect for sir you-know-who.

as for your subject matter, your take on shit gives folks a pretty clear idea of who you are--i wouldn't be here otherwise.

and now for the thing which prompted this comment: if it weren't for the toaster oven in my half-remodeled piece-o-shit kitchen, i'd have no oven at all; hell, i've roasted whole chickens in that little fucker, and i don't know what i'd do without it.

sttropezbutler said...

And speaking of ovens...that is the exact one I own! Go figure...


alice said...

Yes.... I love my toaster oven. It's perfect for small portions - and too much microwaving is potentially dangerous. Even if half of the controversy about the microwave is true, then the risk is too much.

I think that you do reveal personal things, once in a while, which is just perfect. I have always thought that a blog expresses your ideas and perceptions about whatever concerns or inspires you. I have learned a lot from your blog - little facts, stories and news that I might otherwise have missed. So I think you have the right balance.