Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I rarely if ever really REALLY like a film enough to give it a 5-star rating on Netflix, as most movies are usually decent to me and they only get 3 stars, but there does come along once in a blue moon a film that hits me on every level, and (500) Days of Summer is one of those films. Perhaps because it mirrors in so many ways, my recent hopeless crush on someone; I saw myself so much in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, it was almost ridiculous! BRILLIANT! WOW! Even the music used in the film and references to The Beatles, were right up my alley. The film is not told in chronological order and jumps around all over the place, but after a while you get used to it. The actors are all superb, especially Joseph and Zooey Deschanel as his romantic love interest. Joseph Gordon-Levitt started off on that TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun, and has since blossomed into a wonderful versatile actor in many good independent films. Lemme tells ya, he's adorable, and I'd take him in a heartbeat. Anyway, watch this movie! It's beautiful, wonderful, and highly emotional.

I missed the Grammy Awards Sunday night, and it was probably for the best, because so much of today's music is just plain awful to me. I mean, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé, and Rhianna are the big stars today?! UGH! YUCK! Really good amazing modern artists like The Shins, Of Montreal, and MG
MT don't sell as much or get the attention they really should, and it makes me shake my head. Have any of you listened to Top 40 radio lately? It's bloody harrible! HARRIBLE! Anyway, there was at least one good thing to come out of the awards show, and it was this performance with Lady Gaga and Elton John. I like her a lot--she does stand out among her mediocre peers of today, and does have talent. Her crazy costumes are hysterical! HOWEVER, there was someone that did this all before, and it was Elton. Lemme tell ya, Elton's first nine or so albums back in the early 1970s are masterpieces! SIMPLY BREATHTAKING music this guy put out, and he used to wear all those crazy get-ups way before Lady Gaga was even a thought. How fitting then, to see them both perform together! Elton sounded pretty darn good too! They were truly amazing!


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alice said...

I absolutely love Joseph. He was so adorable in "10 Things I Hate About You", and in a little known film, with Patrick Swayze, called "Forever Lulu" (I think that's the title - not positive). He is so subtle and talented - you just want to hug him.