Friday, February 05, 2010


Hello good people.

The only Oscar nomination I am truly happy about is for Christoph Waltz as Best Supporting Actor in Inglourious Basterds. He is remarkable in that film--a really great performance as the evil heartless Nazi. I praised him and most of the movie back in this blog post, although the ending of the film is quite retarded, but as a whole it is worth seeing the picture. And although James Cameron is nominated for Best Director, I have a feeling that douchebag Quentin Tarantino might upstage James and take the award. I hate Quentin's personality and find Cameron a bore, but cannot deny both of them are pretty talented at their craft. I may finally see Avatar this weekend, but honestly I haven't been that excited about it with all the overblown hype and stuff, although I am greatly curious at times to see what the fuss is all about. Will I be one of the many who are left depressed after seeing the idealistic perfect fantasy world portrayed in Avatar? LOL!

Can you believe there is serious talk about lifting the ban
on gays in our military?! IS THIS POSSIBLE?! Well, I dunno man. I'm all for it of course, because gays have been serving since the beginning of time-- men have shared barracks and showered together and done much more since forever, and to lift this stupid ban would be the right thing to do. Gay men make fine soldiers okay? Seeing all those hot men inspires them to do an even better job! LOLOLOLOL! So yeah, let them serve openly. The British lifted their ban years ago, and it has not affected their performance whatsoever. I really don't understand why some "straight" men are so threatened by other gay men. It makes no sense, unless you're insecure about your own sexuality right? Afraid ya might be attracted to your fellow soldier there? HUH?! GET A LIFE PEOPLE! GET A LIFE!!! Gay guys playing in our professional sports teams too?! IMPOSSIBLE!

Have a great Super Bowl weekend everybody. Leave me some comments will ya? Thanks. I'll leave you with this funny clip from the most popular TV show in history. Watch Desi laugh and quickly save himself from a blooper:


Gary said...

I love this Lucy clip. When I was really little I thought that Ricky was just making it up and as I got older I wanted so badly to have a friend who could translate all his Spanish for me. Now I have you!

alice said...

I kinda wish that Cameron's ex-wife would win the Academy Award, for best Director, instead of him. That would serve him right. He is so arrogant, and a real womanizer. I think he is with Wife #4 now. I agree that he is very talented, and he produces amazing projects. I'm just not very tolerant of his " I'm-King-Of-The-World"and-I'm-so-bitchin attitude.

I love that Lucy & Ricky scene. They had incredible comedic timing.