Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well. Here we are. A bit broken, but still chugging along. Thanks kids for all your wonderful supportive comments in my last post!

I've been watc
hing the Olympics on and off, and I so enjoy the athletic prowess these young people display. It's quite remarkable. All those intense years of training and practice, and then to almost flawlessly put themselves in front of the world like this is quite inspiring! I love Scott Hamilton doing the figure skating commentary by the way...LOL! He is the best! Then there's Bob Costas. BOB F*CKING COSTAS! How much money does this douche make?! HE IS HARRIBLE! ABSOLUTELY HARRIBLE! UGH! Every time I hear him it makes me cringe. His cultural knowledge is pretty much ZERO. I'm telling you, the man is a retard! Anyway, TEAM USA is doing very well in these games, and this is pretty damn cool, despite the fact our economy is still in the sewer! HA!

Paul McCartney is coming to the Hollywood Bowl! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I AM SO EXCITED! Ya know the tickets are going to be really hard to get a hold of, but I will do my battling best! He's not that far off from getting here--end of March already! DAMN THAT'S SO LAST MINUTE!

One of Paul's more recent modern tunes from 2006! This was part of The Lake House movie soundtrack I believe, and the man can still write purty songs I say:


A Lewis said...

I've been really disappointed in the TV schedule/timing and all of that with the Olympics. I thought being in the same time zone, we'd have had no tape delays and all of that. And there is WAY too much talking and bantering. Shut the hell up while we watch!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Glad you're enjoying the Winter Olympics, but curling is still I concept I can't quite wrap my head around. I guess you have to live in a very cold place to think up something so bizarre.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I have not watched any of the Olympics. Well other than after having several martinis in a lounge with the TV sound off. That doesnt count I suppose.

alice said...

We, of course, have been watching all the hockey. It's all very exciting and fun. I was hugely disapointed that the USA team ultimately lost to Canada - but it was such a well-played game, and I have to appreciate the hard work they all put into it.

I would soooooo love to see Sir Paul, but I will be out of town. You are so right about the last minute notice.... had I known about it, I could have changed my plans - but it's too late now. Drat!!!