Monday, April 26, 2010


Geez, I wanna walk around with an insanely amazing optimistic view of life most of the time but I don't wanna be delusional either! LOLOLOL! Life sure does burn sometimes man. OUCH. Slowly picking up the shattered pieces here...

These reality s
hows have oversaturated and flooded our televisions, and it has gotten pretty ridiculous. How did America fall into the trap of watching these horrible programs?! OH MY GOD! WHO COULD CARE LESS?!! I mean, the only ones I ever truly followed because they were fairly original and new in the genre were The Osbournes and the late Anna Nicole's hysterical show. But now we got a whole slew of sh*t on the air that one cannot possibly keep up with, unless you watch The Soup with hottie Joel McHale for a good laugh. The downfall of Western Civilization is upon us folks. We're a nation of idiots, fascinated by what the narcissistic rich and pseudo-famous are up to. The working class, the folks like us that gotta really deal with everyday struggles are not even on these people's radar--they could give a flying f*ck about us, so why should we even invest time in watching their sick vapid worthless lives?! I don't care about the Kardashians, The Hills, Kate Gosselin and her 8 children, Jersey Shore, and the rest of these buffoons parading around with all their BS in front of the cameras. It's sick! THESE ARE SICK TIMES! SICK! We've lost our way man. We really have, and as long as people keep watching, the supply will unfortunately be there. Watch a scripted show or a good movie instead! Sadly, MTV and VH-1 went down the toilet with all this reality trash; what happened to their original vision of showcasing music videos? Ya see what I mean?! Imma get into a reality show, and get my 15 dumbass minutes of fame then.

Again, I thank all of those who have commented on this blog with amazing insight and support regarding my recent ordeal. Thanks to all who have texted or called me checking up on me. Thanks to anyone who has opened their home to me and let me hang out while I get over this difficult time. I had a rough time there back in my mid to late twenties when I got hit by major panic attacks, and I think it was due then to being unsure of my purpose in the world and being gay of course. Now her
e I am in my mid blah blah blah (LOL), and I feel like I've hit a major crisis again, only this one has been chock full of tears and sorrow, not anxiety. What should I do with my life now is the question? What path/road to follow from here on? Shall I keep working at this drone monotonous job? OH GOD NO. Please no more! I must change this, and now may be the best time to do it. Shall I find a nice and sexay dude to settle down with?! OF COURSE! No more falling for jerks! EVER! Mind you, I am a work-in-progress and do not have all the answers, but who does? I just beg God above, or whatever inner strength I have left to please guide me in the right direction. I am a great person, handsome, funny, witty, neat in appearance, charming, smart, entertaining, caring, and sooooooo good in bed. AHAHAHAHAH!

What more can ya ask for?

Oh, this song by the underrated but super talented Incubus; the band that still keeps on giving:


Armando said...

I don't know how you do it kid. I try to write about shit going on in my life but I always seem to draw a blank. Maybe I don't like anyone reading about me our family things we've gone through. You know I have always thought you got fucken mega cranium skills too. Anyways keep writing it keeps me entertained at least for a bit. Now back to work fuck off and all that good shit.

WAT said...

Yeah see? I gots to write in order to rid myself of some of the inner demons. It's like therapy and hopefully informs y'all.

Gledwood said...

A close shave with a psycho?

I got involved with someone who had some sort of personality disorder, though I think it was more paranoid than narcissistic... man, this person was obsessed with me and used to stalk me, wouldn't let me go. It feels a privilege now to have my own space in the world and not have to account to someone else who's so jealous I'm not supposed to have my own friends any more
I hope you're OK. I haven't been able to come over very much because I've not had much internet access, but that's changed now...
Take care and all the best