Wednesday, June 02, 2010


June already. Unreal.

I found this inc
redibly interesting website that tells ya how much famous people are worth. Just type in your fav celeb's name in the search box and you'll see. Ya know, I'm obviously doing everything wrong, because it is shocking how much money these people make! Granted, I know visionaries like George Lucas (worth 3 billion) and Bill Gates (some 53 billion), have changed our culture and the world tremendously, but I still think the amount of money paid to these people and others for lesser contributions is just downright ridiculous! EGREGIOUS! Athletes making all that money for bouncing a ball, comedians for making people laugh, and fat Oprah for peddling her massive fake BS across the television airwaves. I know that these individuals become their own industries and generate jobs for many others in the process, but STILL! HOW MUCH MONEY DOES ONE PERSON NEED IN A LIFETIME?! IT IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION and it's killing me here folks! ARGH! The middle class in America is struggling and dwindling in the process, and our basic lame salaries don't seem to be keeping up with inflation at all. But politicians, movie stars, pop artists, and athletes are doing very well thank you. I gotta get into entertainment or some sh*t that is going to make me fabulously wealthy, because the longer I keep doing pointless boring office cubicle work that pays a mere pittance, the more worthless I feel! I know money is not true happiness nor does it mean my problems will all be magically solved, but if a reality TV show star douchebag like Spencer Pratt (worth 7 million), can generate that kind of cash for being completely useless and obnoxious in life, what tha hell am I struggling for then?! EEK! None of these people ever really have to work again. EVER. "Life is unfair WAT!" Uh huh, I keep getting reminded of this tremendously joyous fact. These folks also went for their dreams and did not let anything nor anyone stop them (like fear and procrastination which I have allowed to cripple me), so they deserve their earnings I suppose? Another bitter fact I have to swallow. And they struggled in the beginning and worked hard to get to where they are. Yes WAT, another slap to your face, so STFU!!!

Here's a small list of some really wealthy people who are filthy rich and I don't even know why they have so much damn money in the first place, but they do:

-Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself is worth $60 million dollars?! MY GOD!

-Michael Buble, the hit crooner of the moment, already has a net worth of 13 million and I'm sure it will only grow. UGH! He's awful!

-Sarah Palin has 12 million bucks! For being annoying and divisive.

-Rapper Jay Z is worth some 500 million, if not closer to a billion. His albums sell well, BUT WHY???!!!!

-Jerry Seinfeld hits it big with one successful sitcom (which is not easy), but yet he now has $350 million in the bank for this?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

-You don't really see that crazy but once effective actress Faye Dunaway as much anymore, but she doesn't care when she's already got $40 million stashed away. Bitch can look at her nails all day if she wants to and not give a damn.

-Robin Quivers sits in with Howard Stern every morning as his trusty sidekick and the bitch now has a fortune of $45 million. JESUS!

-George Lopez is decently funny, but is that enough to make him worth $75 million! HOW?!

-Dane Cook is so lame. I hate this guy's stand-up act. But he gets rewarded with $30 million for his retarded comedy. YIKES.

-Nancy Cartwright does the voice of Bart Simpson. A SIMPLE VOICEOVER JOB FOLKS. $60 million. Try and digest that one.

I could go on and on, and it makes me cringe and scratch my head. Yes, you
can love what you do even if you entertain poorly, and STILL get paid handsomely for it. Imagine this concept. I'll try to sometime by visualizing this in my own head and making it a reality in my own life.

Someone recently wrote me a nasty hateful brutal comment stating I was sad, pathetic, and that I should just kill myself. Gee, thanks for the love, kindness, support, and suicidal encouragement! I hate to agree with them, but they're probably right on the sad and pathetic part. LOL! I'm just not the same person anymore nor do I think I ever will be. I look in the mirror now, and it's as if my eyes have lost their soul or any remaining joy I may have once had about life. Unrequited blind love with a narcissistic dude (who once boasted that he makes lots of money), has left me so broken; I don't see my sobbing ever abating, as it happened yet again Sunday night into Monday morning that I cried profusely once more. I know, I'm like a scratched record and I'm constantly repeating myself here, but it's what's going on, so there. If I overdo alcohol or pot, it just makes me bawl even more, so I can't even escape with substance abuse! UGH! If I had Harry Potter's millions, I could get away from it all and feel a bit better I'm sure with some financial security. Alas, I have to grin and bear my pain/my misery on my own and although I have had wonderful true support from kind friends and my dear roommate mother looks at me with earnest pity and concern, it's still lonely me that has to go to bed at night with this severe painful emotional hole in my heart.
♪ "Sometimes I wish I'd never been born at all..." ♫ Yes Freddie Mercury, I think you were right. Most days, I don't wanna be awake and just sleep. Simply sleep...

How was my Memorial Day you ask? Well, decent I suppose:


RG said...

Good lord, you're so handsome.

WAT said...

Thanks RG, you are very kind. My ex-lover always did tell me I was handsome, but obviously not good enough to settle with.


Conclave27 said...

Just be glad you have people there you can distract from the doldrums of life. I am sorry that you are feeling this profound sadness.... and you have a backstabbing lil' imp (smart people can see the insult there) attempting to cause some problems. Trust my I am abducted by aliens everyone and a while... and that guy is CRAZY!! Just ignore him and keep your distance. Remember you have people who will watch your back.

D1RTY said...

Well look at fuck face hanging out at a sausage fest.That's what ya need distractions. I see chicks in them there pics ?? Where they of the meat curtain eating variety ??