Friday, July 09, 2010


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Do you know that I sent out a silly mass cell phone text on July 4th wishing everyone a HAPPY F*CK THE BRITISH DAY! Yeah, I mean, I love the British, but I thought it was something fun and witty, and I got generally positive feedback, EXCEPT... I did not notice I had accidentally texted it to: THE NARCISSIST. And his amazing reply? After trying to fake apologize to me last week and being evasive about his new BF to get me into the sack, then getting caught by the BF, and involving me in the stupid process, they're both fine and dandy and guess who the bad guy is now? THE CRAZY SICK TWISTED ONE? ME OF COURSE! "F*CK YOU FOREVER AND LEAVE ME AND MY BF ALONE. ERASE MY NUMBER." Ya know folks, I had never in my life known what it was like to have that feeling where you swear someone just punched you in the gut and you literally had to bend down to crawl and grasp for the floor in horrible pain, but that is exactly what I felt as I read his final monumentally giving and loving text message. I literally, QUITE LITERALLY almost threw up. That's right. No responsibility, no accountability. I'm the enemy. Well sure, I had to talk sh*t about you to the new guy, but surely he relayed it all back to you to deny it and sweet talk you into staying. This is one sick twisted world folks. No doubt about it. And my one crime? CARING ABOUT YOU. Uh huh. LOVING YOU. How sweet. How very f*cking sweet. Narcissism has effectively and profoundly scarred me for life. My friends and co-workers just don't get it, but I DO, and any other survivor of the emotional Holocaust it is to deal with this evil personality disorder cannot deny how horrid it all truly is. My father was the worst of them all, and now this bitter utterly cruel experience with the dude I was really into, where I have shed enough tears to fill a f*cking ocean and write at least 20 hit songs. YOUR LOSS BABY. DEEP DOWN INSIDE, I KNOW YOU MISS MY HOT C*CK TREMENDOUSLY YOU DUMBASS F*GGOT. And call me crazy, but I can often feel HIM thinking about me late at night as I lay here in my own room. You're so into me, but YOU WILL NEVER ADMIT IT. You're too proud, too arrogant, too NARCISSISTIC. I am glad that I never kept my mouth shut. NEVER EVER. He hates me for it. I'm too damn smart. I unmasked his game. He's no match for my mental superiority.

But the terrible sadness and tears shed have left me with no choice but to get closer to God and read my Bible every little chance I get. I can't resort to alcohol or weed really because I'll end up crying more, and if I have too much random sex I feel cheap and worthless too, so really it's in the heavens for me. Yes, if you're an atheist and think I am insane, try being in my shoes at this very moment. It's not pretty. Through an intense prayer session on the phone today with one of my aunt's church members (a woman who has never met me nor has any idea of my current sadness) down in Central America, she randomly and out of the blue told me that God is looking out for me and that it's all simply described in the book of Joshua, Chapter 1, Verse 9. Now go look it up, and yes it did make me cry and actually gave me hope.



Conclave27 said...

Well I am glad that your are finding some positive paths to recovery. I can empathize with that struggle. That is why I do dome of the silly things I do to keep me occupied and always moving forward.

WAT said...

If I don't make it out of this alive, someone please let HIM know that I don't hate him, that I only loved him and wish him the best.

RG said...

Whatever spiritual path you choose to help yourself is alright by me.

Your ex makes me so MAD. I just want to go punch him in the face for making you feel so shitty! Can I? Huh? Can I go punch him in the face? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese????? ;)

D1RTY said...

Ya see there your homie RG got the right idea. I wanna bleed his gums out maybe crack a rib or two. You know I got your back fucker. regardless of who the mother fucker is I don't allow my family to be fucked with. You just give me the word and point the way I'll wreck his shit up.

WAT said...

I'm so tired of crying.

RG said...

D1RTY, let's meet up and plan something especially evil. Besides the face-punching, I was thinking something along the lines of knee caps shattering. Or maybe, a few broken fingers - one at a time, of course. Perhaps a tooth drilling ala The Running Man would be a fun time as well. ;)

alice said...

You are in my prayers, Will.... and I know people say that just to make others feel better, and supported - but I actually do pray every day, and have an ever-increasing list of people that I mention to Him - sometimes just in general terms, for their happiness and safety, and other times, more specifically.

I cannot put one foot in front of the other without staying in communication with Him - and many say it's a crutch and I'm delusional, but I don't care. If I'm wrong about His existence, I'm not harming anyone, and it encourages me. If I happen to be right, and my faith is correct, then I'm covered for the hereafter. Either way, I win. So will you sweetie.