Friday, October 29, 2010


It's HALLOWEEN weekend! As of this posting, I still have no definitive costume, but so what?! Something will materialize...

My good dear friend manages this blog on extraterrestrials and other strange out-of-this-world phenomena here in Los Angeles. He claims he's had close encounters of the third kind. YIKES! Or is it fourth?! Listen, I have never seen or had any direct contact with aliens and sh*t, but I've seen UFOs. Have you ever just gone outside on a regular night and stared up at the stars and the sky in general? Chances are you'll start finding really weird creepy aircraft doing strange things up there that defy normal logic. At my old place one night, I remember vividly seeing ships flying up there that were tiny and could be mistaken for a shooting star, but that definitely did not burn out or behave the way a meteorite should. This is one big vast incredibly complex universe, and who knows what kind of other "intelligent" life may be out there. I doubt they're as nice or friendly as E.T. was to Elliot in the famous film. The many drawings and renditions shown on television and in movies are pretty freaky. This documentary kind of creeps me out and it goes as far as to say that demons are the ones manifesting themselves here in the third dimension trying to effectively fool the masses so they can doubt the existence of God and to confuse minds. Like Howard Stern, I used to dismiss all this, but now am starting to wonder/entertain the idea of just what tha hell is going on here.

Holy cow, speakin
g of creepy, have you ever looked at a normal American dollar bill? Yes DAWG, A NICE OLE'-FASHIONED DEAD PREZIDENT! There's a lot of symbols on there. My oh my, what's this?! Most of us take George Washington on there for granted, but there's some interesting things going on there. Thank you YouTube again, for these videos. Freemasons helped found this country, but where they also part of a much bigger and dark secret society with nefarious intentions? Nothing was put on that bill by mistake, that's for sure. Fascinating interesting stuff indeed!

You won't believe this, but I was just about to end this post, when this news story popped up.


Conclave27 said...

Well yes... actually I heard from a source your "friend will be doing a piece about demons/aliens. That should be interesting there.

Keep up the good work on your blog... it is always an interesting read!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I believe all of it. Makes for an entertaining night, anyway.

Happy Halloween, WAT