Thursday, December 02, 2010


I'll tell you what: I don't hate anybody okay? I don't. So there we have Israel in the middle of a sea of hatred, and although I wanna believe that they have a right to exist and stuff, I've met quite a few people from Israel and they are not very nice. There. I said it. They are very full of themselves and quite f*cking rude! I guess this comes from being embittered and always on the defensive, but STILL MAN! YEESH! And I won't say it's all the Jews in general, because I've met some cool American ones, but it seems the hardcore Jewish folk from that area are really militant and mean. And the more I've delved into the history of how Israel came to be, the more annoyed I get to find how so many Palestinians were displaced and uprooted from their homes. I'm not siding with the Arabs either, although the men are f*cking hot (LOL), but I am not the U.S. government that allows and sanctions Israel to do as it wishes. As I've gotten older, I see the whole thing for what it is, and it is a bit disturbing to see how these poor Arabs are treated. It's kind of shitty. But anyway, what do I know? Our media only presents the Israeli side when they get terrorist-attacked, but there's more to this; both sides have blood on their hands as far as I'm concerned. Now someone please find me a hottie Arab to shag!

So I went to see Burlesque, mainly to please my mom and visiting cousin and while very entertaining on a visual level, the movie is quite made-for-TV retarded. Everyone is talking about how great Cher looks, but I disagree! I think she's acquired some sort of strange manly look and her lips been injected so many times she almost looks like a fish. LOL! Any of those professional male drag queens who play her can now safely get away with fooling people. Christina Aguilera is actually quite likable and decent in her role. Stanley Tucci is always fantastic of course. But my eyes were fixated on that amazing and incredibly hot piece of ass CAM GIGANDET. Life is not fair I tells ya. Why don't I look like that?! The camera loves this kid! And so did I! There were some pretty hot erotic scenes in the film, without being tasteless. I think at one point I wanted to actually cry; I was so upset I wasn't CAM or allowed to have him. AHAHAHAHA! I know, how f*cking gay. The musical numbers are very cool, but the plot like I said is just lame. LAME. My mom and cousin really liked the movie, but then again they don't have the existentialist annoying overanalyzing f*cked up brain that I do.



D1RTY said...

HHM There must be a place to send the jews. Oh I know Hell.

Conclave27 said...

Wow... hmm what would Grace Adler say.... "I told you so I told you so." Yeah... Israeli's are assholes in general. They reek of entitlement because of the "Chosen People" status. They and Armenians are some of the most horrid people I had the displeasure of knowing... they act like they have been the only ones to suffer.
Jews are a religion, and an ethnic group... most of them I can say are alright.. and most behave with a common humbleness... but hey... what can we do.

I for one will side with the Palestine... Isreal does not belong there... they lost their rights fair and square. Only after the hard working arabic people managed to make that arid wasteland useful... did that all start flocking back.

RG said...

You sir, underestimate your attractiveness.

WAT said...

RG: Thanks man. You're right I don't give myself enough credit. I'm still trying to recover after being thrown aside for a younger hotter dude earlier this year, but in turn he got abused by the same A-HOLE so I guess it's only fitting, but I still feel kind of shitty about that and other self-esteem issues at times.

mkf said...

it always amazes me when, given the choice between supporting the israelis or the palestinians, the faggots almost always go with the side that would superglue their assholes shut right before beheading 'em.

me? i go with the side that doesn't inculcate its children from birth with the belief that the other side are subhuman pigs who deserve to be slaughtered in the streets, and that sacrificing themselves in the accomplishment of this goal is their god-given mission in life.

these people coulda had their own state 10 years ago--the israelis bent over backwards agreeing to every concession arafat asked for while clinton and madeline albright simultaneously kissed his ass, and it still wasn't enough. why? because that might've brought peace, and that's the last thing the palestinians really want--whiny, bomb-lobbing victimhood's much more fun.

don't worry, tho--the palestinians have demographics on their side, and through sheer numbers they'll overrun the israelis soon enough--i give it 20-30 years. and then the one oasis of stable, western-friendly civilization in the middle east will descend into the chaos characteristic of the rest of the region, and every faggot in america but me will raise a glass in celebration.

[and if none of the above moves you even a little, i recommend you get naked with at least one israeli soldier before you condemn the whole country to hell--trust me, it'll change even your brother's mind.]

[oh, and thanks--you gave me a blogpost, and god knows i needed one]

Gary said...

I am with you on Cam and on Burlesque. The movie overall was a huge disappointment and I am wondering if it'll fall into the crappy, campy, guilty pleasure slot in time so it will be at least a little interesting. Predictable and ultimately boring. Plus, I am not a huge Xtina fan. I just want her to sing something without all the extraneous bull. She can sing but good lord girl lighten up a bit.