Friday, December 10, 2010


I wanna thank all of you who loyally read this blog and comment! MERCI!

What tha hell is going on here?! WHAT AN INSANE AND AWESOME STORY THIS IS! JULIAN ASSANGE! I love the way his name just rolls off my tongue! LOLOLOL! Say it with me: JULIAN ASSANGE! This Australian dude is apparently the guy that was running Wikileaks, which was shut down by the government for recently releasing top secret classified information. He was arrested and is now in London on sexual assault charges, but it's a bunch of baloney and an obvious ruse; the U.S. government is just pissed that this guy has taken freedom of expression to a whole new level--this is an international espionage story of epic proportions man! I dunno how you feel, but this guy is my HERO! LMAO! Read this article here. Man, there is tons of information on this massive story all over the Internet, so you won't have any trouble finding ample stuff on this incredible tale. Fierce supporters of Assange have now begun hacking and shutting down major websites like Visa, MasterCard, and even Sarah Palin's site I believe, in support of this most subversive and controversial figure. might even be next! Listen kids, I dunno how this all got so big, but it has, and in the midst of our worldwide depression, this is one story I am really enjoying! HAHAHHAAHHA! I LOVE CHAOS! ANARCHY! WOOHOOOOOOOOO! Time Magazine, JULIAN ASSANGE has to be your Person of the Year 2010, without a doubt!

I have recentl
y discovered the culinary joy of eating trail mix. Can you believe it?! My co-worker/bud got me addicted to his nuts. HEE! Love me dem nuts! Yeah yeah, crack a gay joke or two if ya like. PHOOEY! When I was a kid, I didn't even wanna go near peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. Now?! MY GOD MAN! I think I'm addicted to this stuff! DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS! And I have been reading that nuts have good cholesterol and can actually help in gaining healthy weight which I think I have been actually achieving. Yes dude, for years I've been ingesting all that crappy junk food like crackers, chips, and cookies which are really not good for you, so I say substitute it with more fruits and trail mix baby. I'm noticing that as I get older, all that sugary and salty snack food I used to enjoy as a kid is now kind of grossing me out. Is this a normal reaction? All the healthy more bland plain stuff I am now liking more. Weird. I guess one's taste buds do change. YAY FOR TRAIL MIX!

This is truly an incredible song:


RG said...

I'm on Team Wikileaks! We need a few more people like Mr. Assange in the world - corrupt governments can't rule if the truth is known!

And good for you for FINALLY discovering trail mix. May I recommend Trader Joe's brand trail mix. It's yummy, as are you!

Palm Springs Savant said...

its all insanity to me, no matter how I look at it. But regardless I am more concerned about the rising power of Lord Voldemort. One can hope he will be defeated, but I have to wait until July!