Saturday, December 25, 2010


I'm behind on blogging. It's Christmas. BLAH! It's almost over thank goodness. Nice meal made by my mom yesterday though. YUMMY!

The battle to find a s
martphone! ARGH! I can't freakin' decide, but I will be upgrading soon finally! Sprint gives me a "discount" starting in January, and my contract with them is due in March. I dunno what to do. Boost Mobile seems cool in that it has no contract and gives you the Blackberry Curve device for 200 bucks and $60 a month service. That sounds dirt cheap to me. The girl at the Sprint store yesterday told me it was better to stay with Sprint and gave me the whole spiel about why they were better than the no contract companies and blah blah blah. There's the trendy and overadvertised iPhone of course. But their carrier AT&T sucks I hear and it gets expensive and the touch screen does sound a bit irritating. I've tested it, and it does kind of get cumbersome for my large fingers to touch the small screen. Then there's the Android phones, which I have no idea what they're all about! Sprint does have the cool HTC EVO, which does seem pretty awesome. Well, I'll eventually decide, and one of these amazing new modern phones will be in my possession. Then again, is having access to the Internet at all times really THAT important?! I can only stomach Facebook for so long, and I find that most weekends I am disconnected from the Net for the most part and it is quite liberating. Anyway, I've heard all kinds of suggestions from everyone at this point. What say YOU on a good smartphone?!

I'm going to write a few words here on the British Royal Family. This pack of lazy
bastards! ARGH! I hate Queen Elizabeth and her annoying mean-looking twit husband. And don't even get me started on Prince Charles and that ugly whore Camilla! F*CK these people! They are a bunch of snobs and a**holes. I like Sarah Ferguson a lot for being so down-to-earth, and I did have much respect for the late Princess Diana, even though she seemed a bit moody and emotionally depressed most of the time. But then again, I can totally identify with her in that she was an astrological Cancer and so am I! She seemed like a really nice humanitarian woman, caught up in that stuffy rigid annoying atmosphere which nearly drove her insane. Let's face it, she was used to breed those two handsome boys and then tossed aside by Charles and the family. Probably was murdered by them too. Anyway, I do like William and Harry, although Lord only knows what happened to Wills looks, because he used to be really attractive, but now he looks bald and old and his bride is not that much better in my opinion, but their wedding next year is going to be HUGE I presume so ok then.

Anyway, I hope to blog before the year is up, but if I don't, I will return soon. I promise.


A Lewis said...

Large fingers. Hehehe. Merry Christmas night, my friend.

A Lewis said...

PS...Oops, I forgot to say that I couldn't give up my iPhone. Nope, not ever.

Gledwood said...

I think it's still Xmas Day your end; it's 5:40am. Hope you're having a good one, and here's to a Fantabulous New Year 2011.

All the best :-)

from London Town

RG said...

Glad you survived the holidays. We've got snow coming here tonight - it's going to be a commuter nightmare tomorrow morning for work.

Goodness, what the hell did the Royal Family ever do to you? Jeesh. And leave William alone - at least he inherited his mother's compassion for humanity. Unfortunately, he also inherited her nose - poor guy.

Let's talk Price Harry though - I'd fuck that Ginger royal in a heartbeat. And judging from the London tabloids, he's fucking anything that walks these days, so there IS a small chance. ;)

mkf said...

by the time you have to make a choice, verizon should have their own version of the iphone--and boy, will i dump AT&T the day that happens.

and i agree with you about wills--poor kid's aging like his father (whereas lucky harry seems to be aging like HIS father, so i figure he's got a few more years of hotness before the booze finally gets him)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Hope you had a happy holidays!