Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been a while since I've discussed malignant narcissism! LOL! Carlos Estevez! Better known to you and me as Charlie Sheen. This fool is one piece of work. Lemme tell ya something, the dude is out of control: a drug addict, overpaid, obnoxious, conceited, and just plain disastrous in every possible way, Charlie is a classic malignant narcissist. Once married to that very pretty Denise Richards with whom he had kids with, this guy is self-absorbed, selfish, and narcissistic in every way. No regard for anyone but HIMSELF. WHEW! I really dislike this man a lot. CBS finally had the common sense to yank his very successful sitcom Two and a Half Men off the air due to really mean things Sheen said about the show's creator. Sheen was born into privilege thanks to his legendary actor father and is so damn fortunate to have had a decent film career and a hit TV show of his own where he gets paid tons of cash for basically playing himself, but he does not see this at all of course, and takes it completely for granted. I'm waiting for the day he overdoses! YAY! The guy has been involved in tons of scandals for years now; too numerous that I've lost track or count really. He likes prostitutes, porn stars, and cocaine a lot. AHAHAHHAAH! Hey, he can do what he wants with his life I suppose, but Sheen is a father and he drags other people down with him-THIS IS WHY narcissists are so dangerous and destructive; they do not take other people's feelings/emotions into consideration at all! I cannot imagine what a nightmare it must have been being married to this dude. I'm sorry Denise. YIKES! Actually he's been married several times and had tons of women. OH BOY.

END TIMES! My good
friend in San Diego always says that when we discuss the massively disturbing events happening all over the world. I love to have fun; I really do despite my dreary mood swings. I love to laugh, eat, sing, and screw. But you cannot deny that what is going on here on a GLOBAL SCALE is very very worrisome. Massive quakes, solar flares, people rioting all over the Middle East, economies collapsing, strange extreme weather, overpopulation, animals dying off, etc. DOOM AND GLOOM BABY! Those Mayans may have been onto something with that 2012 sh*t. Do you realize how truly bad the American economy is?! No, of course not. We've been busy watching football, Justin Bieber, and American Idol. IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE. Yes, you can be an eternal optimist, but reality is what it is. The price of gasoline alone lately should be a red flag! EEK! And food! Just the other day I went to get Mexican grub with my girl cousin and was shocked when I got so little change back! EXPENSIVE! Millions of Americans are struggling now. It is very sad. The gas and food prices alone are going to send many more into poverty they have never known. Inflation is here kids. IT IS TRULY HERE. And how is our once powerful DOLLAR doing? It's gonna collapse man. And people the world over are tired of starving, being unemployed, and neglected by the rich so they're losing it, especially dem Arabs! Government union jobs (like mine) are being cut and the backlash is going to be enormous. Austere measures are going to piss a lot of people off accustomed to their usual standard of living. The assault on the middle class has begun. IS ALL OF THIS LEADING US TOWARDS A NEW WORLD ORDER?! A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?! The whole system is falling apart! The world has always been chaotic and cruel, but this is at quite an unmatched scale! It is a fantastic and fascinating time to be alive! Stay tuned...

Some songs are just immortal and never go out of style. This is one of those classic tunes:


Gledwood said...

Ah but we're all born into privilege you're good looking I'm intelligent you're American I'm British, we both live in the free world (I'm not saying you're thick or I'm ugly btw I'm just saying) you really don't know what you have, none of us does... until we lose it

Gary said...

Thanks for sharing the Lauper video. I watched it again after so many years. She looks so young!! Brilliant song. As for the rest...what can you do?

RG said...

Charlie Sheen had such promise and he keeps fucking up. Oh sure, he'll be on his "I'm sorry" interview rounds sound enough. But really, such a waste.

Yes, the world is coming to an end. Did you know that May 21st is the official end of the world as we know it. Well, at least some religious nut-job thinks it is. LOL

Conclave27 said...

So what is so wrong with Charlie Sean? Why is there no blame to Hollywood execs? After all Charlie Sheen did not pop out of a vacuum. He was created and is one of the products of Hollywood Child Actors/Legacies that are beyond control. American culture rewards this behavior... Paris Hilton, the Carsdashians, Jersey Shore... shall I go on? However screwed up you think Charlie Sean is there were words of truth... even in madness their is a reflection that resonates clarity.

As for the 2012 it has nothing to to do with the Mayan Calender... and the world is not going to end.
There have been dictators, false idols, tragedies throughout the course of humanity.... the reason why it seems so bad is becuase we have news immediately... too many greedy people on earth... to many people on earth...and day by day we are becoming more and more selfish. We have lost our capacity love... seeking perfection.. the easy way out... throwing money at things...and believing we are entitled to the best.... it is that maniacal way of life is why this is all falling apart. To paraphrase Mr. Sean "Yeah.. it's lonely up here, but I really do enjoy the view"

Palm Springs Savant said...

Charlie Sheen is a total nitwit idiot jerky-face.
You are right, the sky is falling and the world is all going to pot.
And oh yes, Cyndi is a friggin' genius talent. I love hur.