Friday, July 29, 2005

I miss good karaoke.

Went to the local lesbian bar tonight, the Oxwood Inn on Woodman Ave. and Oxnard St. and I saw my good buddy Johnny there. We had lots of fun singing and acting silly. It was sooo good to see him out of the behavioral health hospital he was at in Simi Valley this past week and a half or so.

He finally broke down and had a nervous breakdown of sorts and he had to check in. I totally know what that's like and it ain't pretty. He's on four different meds now, and hopefully it helps him. I feel sorry for the guy. So cute, so adorable and loving, and plagued by such crap. It happens to all us "beautiful" people. LOL! The law of compensation.

I noticed I'm a little rusty when singing in front of people, and that's only because I don't do it that often anymore. I used to do it religiously at the APACHE on Ventura Blvd. for about four years back when we had a great K.J. and crowd. She ended up going to Dallas for a job and the bar eventually closed earlier this year and became a trendy gay "karaokeless" bar. Too bad. I miss really good karaoke. The kind with awesome sound and the crowd to support you.

Where oh where can I go to find that again? I love music and I love to sing. I'm no American Idol, but I'm purty good.

I think. Shit man, I know no one can do The Beatles like me, that's for sure!


*la luna negra* said...

oh WOW great templete!

WAT said...

Yeah, i found it after AOL IM chatting with you and had such a hard time configuring it to get it right. It really took a lot of work and I'm still not done. Was up till 4:30a.m! WHEW!

Chip Nelson said...

I've told my wife and kids that if I die first, I want a simple grave side srevice and to have "Let It Be" played and the be done with the entire affair. Now evertime they hear that song they get all stupid. Wish I had picked "Why Don't We Do It In The Road".

Good Blog you got here.

WAT said...

Hey! Thanks for the comments. I always thought "A Day In The Life" would be cool at my funeral. Hmmm...30 second piano chord at the very end. Sounds neat.