Thursday, September 07, 2006


Okay. I'm an LA kind of dude. Born and raised totally on the West Coast. I know New Yorkers look down on LA, but both cities rule the country, so can't we all just get along? I'll write my in-depth analysis of Los Angeles (the second greatest American city) some other time though.

New York City is indisputably THEE greatest American city. Even though I have never been, we all know it, thanks to the incredible amount of attention it receives in the media; on TV and in countless motion pictures, who doesn't know its many world famous landmarks: the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the list goes on and on. Ah yes, the Big Apple. Feels like we've all been doesn't it? In an ironic twist, many shows filmed in LA are supposedly set in New York City! Now that's saying something!

It sounds like an amazing place really. Heavy with traffic and people, on the constant go, and with an incredibly vibrant social and cultural scene, New York is most definitely the supreme American city par exellence. Howard Stern airs his show every morning from NYC, and I feel a connection of sorts with the place and their everyday colorful speech patterns.

Not that I don't worry constantly over Los Angeles mind you, regarding a terrorist attack or earthquake, but New York is extremely troubling to me. They brought down the World Trade Center (sorely missing from the skyline now) five years ago, and I often wonder when the city will be attacked by terrorists again, perhaps even nuclear terrorism since it is so densely and heavily populated. As recently featured on a National Geographic special I was watching, New York City is also at great risk for a Category 3 hurricane in the near future that would cause massive property damage and loss of life. YES, A HURRICANE!

I hope to visit this magnificent sounding place sometime soon. For now, here I am, on the West Coast.

Living vicariously in New York through our media as usual.


G-Man said...

It blows my mind how with this internet thing, we can live vicariously through fellow bloggers. I can relate to a west-coaster like yourself, even though I've only been to that coast once in my life, firmly rooted in the midwest. I love how the internet can unite us as one, regardless of location.

Great post.

La Siciliana said...

You completely threw me off with the whole NYC thing...maybe I'm justa CA girl. My family is in NY & I have cousins who don't live far from the towers, but, I'm gonna have to read what you have to say about L.A. as the 2nd greatest city...No doubt there is great respect for the NY firefighters but what about everything else???? Isn't it like dirty & rat infested w/ like a lotta crime?? (sounds like LA i know) but it always just seems so much worse in NY. I dunno know, east/west seems like the same shit...

WAT said...

Yes G'ster. Our blogs connect our homes. How fuckin' true. I love Wisconsin now too, never having been! :)

LA SICI, I was trying to write what little I know on NYC, and how much attention is always and overwhelmingly showered upon it. But yeah, we all know LA's the place! MOOHOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Bill German said...

8.0 coming soon

Marko said...

Its pretty crazy to think that a hurricane could hit there but its possible just like LA could one day drop in the oceon, but they have been saying that for years. Anything is possible.
I have never been to NYC either however I have been to LA. I would love to visit NY, someday.