Saturday, September 02, 2006


Jack Johnson has been around for some five years now, but it's only recently that I really started paying attention to his music ya know? A lot of his songs have the same sound or style, but he's quite good and very catchy. Born and raised in Hawaii of all places, he used to professionally surf, until he suffered some bad injuries apparently and he took up songwriting. Well whaddyoo know? He's made quite a good decent name for himself. And I can almost bet he's got a good set of groupies following him, because he just happens to be kinda good looking too.

Anyway, I discovered this hidden gem on his very first album Brushfire Fairytales, and I am impressed at the relative simplicity and lyrical wordplay of this fine fine song. I freakin' love this tune man! Please go to the link, have a listen and tell me whats ya think!

It's All Understood by Jack Johnson:


Marko said...

I like him however his sonfs do sound alot alike, but that is his signature. Hes a total hottie, BTW!

Mario said...

I love Jack Johnson. I sawhim live twoyears agoand it was amazing. he sounds really good live.

Bill German said...

I like his voice a alot on the surfing video