Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yeah, still loving the new office location, but it's clear now the TIME NAZI has been assigned to supervise us in order to make our jobs more difficult and stressful. Before she came to our office, work was pretty manageable, but in the last few months she's been quietly here and sneakily unleashing her plan, it's now obvious what her mission is; stupid ass beatch is not only concerned about what time we get here and shit, but she's also tacked on extra work to make the experience of being here more "productive." Let's just say I'm really hating her and the power trip she is currently enjoying. So it goes. This is what having a job is like folks. What a shitty deal. The real world makes me cringe at times. The things one has to put up with to earn a living. ARGEE MY ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to deal with it, until I finally decide to get off my skinny ass and move onto greener pastures, hopefully by the year 2020. AAHAHAH!

Well, week/round 3 of that karaoke competition was held this past Tuesday night at the local bar again, and although I don't think I did as well as I would've liked, I still pulled it off to make it into round 4 next week! WOOHOO! I felt the audience was a bit harsh and cold last night, but overall I had a good time and enjoyed myself. Sure, the $1000 prize still sounds great and all, but as long as I don't take it too seriously, I am having fun. It is great to hang, talk shit and see old and new friends alike. Ya meet some really nice people, and some real annoying ones. So it goes, just another night at the watering hole in LA man.

What really struck me about being at the bar yet again, was the extraordinary ability some people have to drink and smoke away like there's no tomorrow. I have my psychotropic med I take every other day as my crutch I suppose, but I am telling ya man, people out there must be truly miserable; there they are: gulping down beers, cocktails, and shots in such vast quantities whilst smoking a good pack of cigs in the span of just a few hours! I'm not saying ya can't have a drink or two to mellow out and stuff, but I noticed some serious alcoholism and nicotine addiction last night that left me baffled! I get bad heartburn after a bit of pot, and alcohol just makes me feel worse, which is why I really can't drink. I suppose having anxiety disorder stops me from abusing my bod this way, but man am I jealous that people can get this plastered time and time again. I guess it's something I really should not envy, but it is an interesting and fascinating observation.

Like Lindsay Lohan, the inner emotional and mental pain many out there are suffering from is real.

P.S. One of my fav John Lennon solo songs ever. John was the only other songwriter that could match Paul McCartney's genius. Why of course you say:


Todd said...

Having worked in a bar, I was always shocked at how much people can drink. Some of these hardcore drinkers can put away a dozen cocktails in no time at all. I've seen people get so drunk that they pass out and others who come in already drunk, have more drinks, then move on to another bar to have more.

What is truly amazing though is the amount of money they spend.

Way to go on the contest! Maybe you should head on to a singing career?

M- Filer said...

I am jealous of people like you, who can go out and celebrate (or unwind) in moderation. You get the best of both worlds. I haven't had more than an O'Douls and an aspirin in 4 years-- be grateful buddy.

Congratulations on making it to round 4. What did you sing?

NattyCAt said...

Here's a website you may find useful. is a site for friends, families, and those who suffer from various addictions.

durante vita said...

You know what is really sad? The fact that $1,000 is not exciting anymore.

Gary said...

Congratulations on making it to the next round!!!!