Monday, July 02, 2007


The eyes of the world are on Britain kiddies! Or at least mine are!

They're on edge over serious terrorist attempts in the last week of course. What I hadn't noticed though is that they just got a new prime minister! WHY THAT'S PRETTY SIGNIFICANT AIN'T IT SHERLOCK? My beloved bud made a good point, which I had not realized; these failed attacks must've been attempted in order to influence the new U.K. leader Gordon Brown and his developing government. WHY OF COURSE! That's just what they did in Spain during the elections there back in 2004; they bombed that train station in Madrid and soon after the new prime minister pulled all his support out of Iraq.

And just this weekend, they celebrated a huge charity concert at Wembley Stadium in honor of Princess Di. There they were, those two adorable boys, her sons: Prince William and Prince Harry. Don't know why man, but unlike that rich witch Paris Hilton, I think Diana's kids are so nice, friendly, charismatic, and likable, despite being born into wealth. It doesn't hurt that they're good looking too right? I just hope William doesn't continue physically morphing into his oogly father as he seems to be as of late. They certainly don't seem as stuck-up or cold like their father's side of the family; Her Majesty THE OLD BAG and PRINCE EARS. And that nastey Afghan Hound-looking stepmother of theirs, Camilla.

Who needs to culturally focus on the U.S. these days, when there's so much going on in the good ole' United Kingdom?


laurenbove said...

Excellent point regarding the new prime minister Gordon Brown. I have a friend Gordon Brown. I must call to congratulate him.

Rule Britannia!

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Poz Mikey said...

I agree that William and Harry seem approachable unlike that ho Paris Hilton. Just like Diana they got up and danced during the concert. These princes rule!

M- Filer said...

Harry is Hot. I have always thought so; something to do with the drapes and the carpeting or vis-versa.

Zhu said...

The Prince is just hot. I mean, I'm 100% anti-monarchy but gosh this guy is hot.

Pod said... pubes....?

alexgirl said...

I think William's cute days have come and gone, in my book. His face just keeps getting bigger and it's starting to freak me out.

Good point about the Shia/Ethan Hawke thing. I think you're on to something with that point.

Crazy Eddie said...

It was rather humbling to see that so many artists pushed their egos aside to perform collectively on stage for Princess Diana. Sure, the woman seems sometimes overrated, but she did manage to stand out and do lots of charity work. Bravo to her...