Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hey, this movie called Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown is quite good. I saw it last night and I really enjoyed the interesting insight into what it was like during Queen Victoria's rule of Britain, which was at the time the foremost global power. Dame Judi Dench as usual gives an outstanding performance as Victoria and though a slow quiet movie for many I suppose, I was most intrigued by its very simple yet effective message about friendship. Although a very stern and strict woman, the Queen was very emotional and caring, and seemed to possess a good heart. A much superior film than say that God awful Michael Bay-directed Transformers, which although showcases a very adorable Shia LaBeouf, is lacking in a cohesive and sensible plotline. What a horrid mess!
I feel so inferior only speaking English, Spanish, and a good amount of French. I wish I spoke more languages to be honest, and I'm thinking I really want to learn German. I have always found German quite an awesome-sounding tongue. Besides, somewhere on my father's side, rumour has it a great grandpaps was Alemannic or something like that. The Rosetta Stone software looks great, but it's quite expensive, and I'm cheap. Hopefully I'll find some free courses online or something. One of my co-workers speaks it fluently as she was born in Germany, so it'd be great to be able to practice with her as I get better.

Wish me luck in my quest zu sprechen deutsch!


Lewis said...

That Dame Dench can do no wrong in my book.

Bill German said...

I will be happy to tutor you in german with private lessons, but if you have to stay after school, there will be some discipline

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I studied German for eight years and have little use of it except being able to turn off the subtitles in Fassbinder, Herzog and Wenders films. My experience with Rosetta Stone programs has been disappointing. I'd say you're better off investing in a night class at the community college. Once you get rolling, perhaps we can do some emails back and forth for practice. I'm pretty good at dirty words in several languages.

Marko said...

Good for you, my father was staioned in Germany be fore i came along. My mom loved living there and I remember her teaching me German words.

That flick looks good and since you liked it I have to check it out.

Wow, you didnt like Transformers, I loved it.

Todd said...

I need to learn Spanish. I feel guilty that I don't speak it well enough to hold a conversation. It could come in handy. For another language, try Chinese. It's very frustrating.

Mrs. Brown was an excellent movie.

Palm Springs Savant said...

that was a really good movie. I like Judi Dench. Did you ever see Notes on a Scandal? It was really good too...

durante said...

You watch a lot of movies that I would never get too, which is important for culture. I'll look to you when I need a review on a movie. You'll be my lifeline.

durante vita

Pod said...

i am one of few that likes the german language too.
just popped in on my way to the beach to say seasons greetings big feet!
ker-splosh (pod dives into the ocean)

kimy said...

dame judi is amazing!

only english, spanish,and french! you have surpassed the language skills of 90% of americans!

you go wat!! happy new year, bonne annee! prospero año nuevo! einen guten rutsch!