Monday, December 03, 2007


I gotta get out of Los Angeles!

I keep watching these programs on the educational cable channels that warn of a huge quake coming to my region sometime in the near future. Yes, the San Andreas Fault could give way, and though it would level and totally destroy Palm Springs and San Bernardino, it wouldn't be so bad for the actual LA city area that is some 150 miles away. Mind you, I'd hate to see Palm Springs leveled though, since they are so close just off that dreaded massive famous fault. However, the fault that really worries scientists is apparently the Puente Hills Fault just under the city which is capable of producing a quake larger than a 7.0 on the Richter scale. If that sucker were to go off just beneath Downtown Los Angeles, you can kiss most of this plastic city adios! Luckily I live and work in relatively safe buildings, but not having running water or power for days really freaks me out nonetheless! When will I ever prepare by stocking food and water man? I gotta get with it!

One of my good friends just got fired from his job, and it sounds really unfair! Sounds like this new douchebag director was just hired at his office and decided to clean house by getting rid of my bud in the process! My friend's been there close to three years mind you, and has been relatively competent and well-liked for the most part! And he now gets fired during the Xmas season with a very ridiculous cheap severance package offer to add insult to injury! HOW LAME! I say this boy better take it to the labor board man! He may have a case! I hate certain people in power sometimes, like a certain supervisor I deal with at my own job. EF THESE PEOPLE! They think that because they have power they can abuse it against us little people?! Remember the French Revolution I say! Congrats to the Venezuelans for rejecting their insane president's dictatorial aspirations!

I put up our Xmas tree finally. Aw. See? I'm not an entire Scrooge. And this movie, looks most intriguing:


durante said...

I love the fact that you are all over the board with your blog entry.

Sorry about your friend. It seems like management was insensitive. But the new guy who gets in always looks for inefficiencies. It is just to bad it had to happen before the holidays.

durante vita

Todd said...

Yep, earthquakes suck. We have the New Madrid fault around here. We're not as likely to have an earthquake as you are in CA.

Yeah, companies are stupid to bring in new managers who are trying to prove their worth by cutting expenses. Usually it leads to inefficiency, low morale, and a multitude of other problems that slow down the work flow.

molly said...

yeah i live on an island and theres been talk about "the big one" thats going to sink the whole damn thing.
ill tough it out though

wow that sounds really unfair about your friend...laid off right before christmas! he should graffitti some well-chosen quotes from "a christmas carol" at his ex-employers home
im thinking something along the lines of "BAH HUMBUG"

Gledwood said...

Do you know we have no laws here on who can be prime minister for how long... you could be elected every time for life if the people would have you (highly unlikely)... and as for Head of State her Maj The Queen DOES do that job for life....
... then again people like Chavez NEED laws to keep 'em out of the coridors of power!!!

Can't your mate take the farter boss to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal?

Gledwood said...

Earthquakes... no! Please no!!

Lewis said...


Gavin Elster said...

I hope the earthquake does come... I getting sick of all this waiting. The planet is such a tease. Every little 3.0 seems like foreplay. Just shake already!

I'm sorry about your friend. For this to happen right before Christmas is horrible.

Scot said...

Yes! Earthquakes! Then I may actually be able to afford a house in LA!

kimy said...

earthquakes are definitely my personal 'most feared' natural phenomenon. I know the inevitability of them in certain places (specifically parts of california) is a major reason why I'd won't live there - which is too bad as I LOVE san francisco. but cluck, cluck.

sorry to hear of your friend. that really sucks.yeah, happy holidays. hope he has a case and the 'douchebag director' will experience how it feels.

I'm counting down the days till golden compass opens - great books by pullman!

M- Filer said...

ViVa Venezuala...Chavez is a cock sucker! Oh wait , that's a compliment.

He sucks!

"My friend's been there close to three years mind you, and has been relatively competent and well-liked for the most part!"

I don't know..."relatively competent", "well liked for the most part."

Palm Springs Savant said...

Er, as a resident of Palm Springs I REALLY hope "the big one" never comes in my lifetime anyway!