Friday, April 18, 2008


I caught a most fascinating program on National Geographic about car accidents and the way car design/safety has improved in the last few decades to try and protect the driver and passengers. Ya know, we get into our cars daily, and yet we rarely stop to think how really freakin' dangerous vehicles are! As much as many hate flying (including yours truly), it is still the safest way to travel, because you rarely hear of planes crashing; they make big headlines however, and scare people to death because it's so rare a plane explodes or crashes. Car accidents on the other hand, happen all the damn time! A scary thought, but for someone like me living in car capital Los Angeles, I have no choice but to get into that death trap and pray for my safety going to work and coming back home. Thank God for seatbelts and airbags nowadays, but even they cannot guarantee you complete safety. Airbags can actually hurt people more than protect them sometimes! On the show I was watching, they mentioned that sex symbol actress Jane Mansfield. She was in some Buick with two other people in the front and they hit the back of a truck. The car's roof was sliced off and the top of Mansfield's skull came right off! OH HOW GROTESQUE! Oh we are fragile little creatures aren't we? All three in the front of the vehicle were killed; Jane's kids were in the back apparently and they survived, including that now famous TV star Mariska Hargitay. Reckless driving and human error are to blame for all this crap, and I pray we are all spared any and all car accidents!

OH. MY. GOD. As I write this post, I'm watching this most ridiculous laughable new reality show on VH1 called
Viva Hollywood! with aspiring young Latino actors and actresses living in the same house who want to win the grand prize of $100,000 and a role in a Telemundo
telenovela, which are Spanish-speaking soap operas, and very popular around the world. They're put through the usual dumbass contests and challenges, and of course I can already see there'll be conflicts and drama galore! María Conchita Alonso and Carlos Ponce are the hosts; Carlos is good looking I suppose, but a bore! He's like a Ryan Seacrest on Telemundo, and has even put out shitty sappy music albums, but WHATEVER! María was quite a beauty in her youth, has recorded albums, and even crossed over into English-speaking films like The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colors with Sean Penn. She looks very face lifted now however! YIKES! And this very famous Hispanic UBER GAY hilariously bad astrologer Walter Mercado also makes a casual cameo on the show. JESUS IT'S JUST AWFUL! LOLOLOL! Ya know something, the young competing dudes are quite hot. DAMN! And not everyone in the house can speak very good English. I've watched my fair share of telenovelas in the past, but the same formula of poor girl meets rich dude, then loses him, then gets him back is so tired and overdone, that I gave up on them years ago! They're certainly much more over-the-top and actually have an end, unlike American soap operas.

Quick music news: Mariah Carey's new album is already selling big and she was a big part of American Idol this past week. She honestly looks like a man in drag as of late! Thanks to Marko, I got a chance to listen to a preview of Madonna's new album, and I think it sounds really good! That music artist Moby's great-great-great-great uncle was Herman Melville, the author of course of Moby Dick! WHO KNEW?! I just found that fact out, and it's kind of cool. And tomorrow night, as I have mentioned ad nauseam already, I get to go see Sir Elton live!

My excitement is almost too much to bear.


Todd said...

Anxious for you to go to the concert so we can get the low down on everything!
Fortunately for me, I don't have to drive much. But then it's really scary walking since people around here use the sidewalk to drive on most of the time...

LBIC said...

I'm not into novelas but my mom, aunt and grandmother are obsessed. My aunt keeps trying to tell me about Victoria and I have no idea what she's talking about.

That being said, I will sit and watch one if it's on when I visit a relative. The men are usually hot as all hell. The last one I watched was Rosalinda with Thalia and that hot guy, I forget his name, but the Venezuelan. God damn was he gorgeous.

Anyway, the newer ones aren't so bad. I kept hearint things about La Madrastra because it was so crazy. I saw a couple of episodes and laughed my ass off, it was so over the top and crazy.

As for Walter Mercado, I have to admit that he looks exactly like my grandmother, who looks like an older version of my mother, which is all hilarious. Thank god I don't look like my mom LOL

Have a great weekend!

Lewis said...

I like it when you say MOBY DICK. Makes me giggle. And reminds me of _______________________.

Projekt R3volution said...

My best friend loves that show Viva Hollywood...I am forced to watch it! Walter Mercado scares me! I am so scared his head will start spinning like in the exorcist!

dit said...

Yes, I have felt for years that the concept of hurling ourselves down a slab on concrete encased in nothing but gashing metal and glass at 65 miles per hours was insane. Yet, we do it everyday. Still blows my mind.

I too am looking forward to the latest from the queen of reinvention (Madonna).

Have fun at Elton

Pod said...

once again i say
elton schmelton

mouse (aka kimy) said...

tonight is the night! sir elton live!! I am most excited for you - there's nothing quite as thrilling as seeing one of one's musical muses live and in person!!!! I hope you have good seats! and accidents...hate going there....but seriously there are many people that should not be behind the wheel of a car!

and yes now that I have wat's thumbs ups I'll be getting madonna's new album!!

look forward to reading about the concert. xxxeek

d. chedwick bryant said...

Mariska claims it was her mother's big old wig that came off--leading to rumors of partial decapitation.

I hate being a passenger with a bad driver. Car Services and Taxis can be very good or very bad.

Palm Springs Savant said...

For some strange reason I tend to think about Jayne Mansfield all the time and her horrible death too. weird huh?