Monday, April 14, 2008


It was a hot weekend here in L.A. WHEW! A preview of the summer to come I suppose.

Yesterday morning, I was listening to tracks from two of Elton John's great albums from the 1970s, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy! I mean, you talk about amazing audio, these songs are just beautifully written, performed, arranged, and produced! They sound as fresh as if they were recorded yesterday! Elton used to have a great tenor voice! He's much older now of course, so this coming Saturday's concert in Anaheim, CA will have him singing in a much lower key, but I am still excited to go see him nonetheless! YEEHA! I can hardly contain myself, as I keep telling everyone about how I'm going! Not to rub it in or anything, but I AM GOING! AHAHAHAHAAHAH! I'd say Sir Elton is on my list of top favorite artists of all time, along with The Beatles, Madonna, and Radiohead. And Radiohead is coming to L.A. in the fall too! OH I CAN'T WAIT!
I've been slow in discovering Ringo Starr's post-Beatles solo career, but I'm finding that a lot of his stuff is actually not that bad. Everyone has always been critical of Ringo just going along for the ride with the other amazing talented juggernaut Beatles, and although he was never that great a songwriter or singer, the man was just lovable and charismatic, and how can ya not like his solo stuff just for the silly pop fluff that it is? Besides, Ringo is just one of only two Beatles still alive! And he's prolly gonna be the last one standing too! Oh I hate to say that when Sir Paul is still putting out some pretty decent albums and stuff, but he's looking very old and withered. The recent divorce surely did not help matters either.

Last but not least, I am very very excited about the new Iron Man movie! OH MY GOD! The trailer for it looks most inviting, but besides all that good stuff, look at the main actor in the picture! It's none other than that absolutely fabulous acting genius, Mr. Robert Downey Jr! He is so great, and I have always admired his work, even though I have yet to see many of his movies. Even with his drug abuse issues, I don't think there's anyone who can deny how truly gifted Robert is; he is good even in the worst movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Ain't he an admitted bisexual too? Yes, Robert Downey, I admire thee indeed. He's actually kinda handsome too, and remember him in this great music video? Yes, ironically, it was for an Elton John song just a few years back too!

A happy week to ye all, and enjoy these awesome Elton and Ringo songs:


Todd said...

Several people have commented on how good the new Iron Man movie looks. For some reason I think it looks awful, but what do I know.
Glad you had a warm weekend. Here it was cold and snowing and everything else.

dit said...

Enjoy the Elton concert. He puts on a great show. You are so right, so much work to pull from.

Lewis said...

Been away tending to family duties in Idaho for two weeks now, but I'm back! Looking forward to catching up with your site and the rest of the blogosphere! Cheers.
And YEAH for you for listening to the REALLY OLD STUFF!

Pod said...

elton shmelton!
hey wattie!
glad you're getting some heat
we had the fire on for the first time in months last night. i even wished i'd grabbed me cardy this morning....

Bill German said...

i saw elton live at the boston garden in 1973. i bought almost every album he made until his later years when his music sucked. mona lisas and madhatters is one of my fav songs.

M- Filer said...

SEXY JEW! ahahahahaha

joe*to*hell said...

i had that captain fantastic LP and i remember giggling because there is a naked lady on the cover....

Marko said...

Robert Downey is doin it for me lately, not sure where its coming from...he he!