Thursday, May 29, 2008


I couldn't go to work today! I just couldn't! I'm burned out, exhausted! I needed to get away from my spectacularly rewarding amazing thrilling job and just stay home. I'll prolly go to Target a bit later and enjoy a nice time shopping for some stuff. I could use a haircut too, although my hair right now actually looks kind of rad to be honest. Long, coarse, and very healthy-looking with some gray here and there, but not too bad. With enough gel and hairspray, I think I look supercool. LOLOL!
2012 is coming; the big year the Mayans foretold as dramatically Earth-changing. Remember how freaked out people were back in the year 2000 that it was all gonna fall apart? Mind you, we're still here somehow, but frankly this decade has not been that great now has it? I mean, 2001 came and ruined it all; my parents' homeland had two major killer quakes, I had a nervous breakdown, my father was killed, and the U.S. got terrorist-attacked. It was a terrible terrible year. Thanks to prescription meds and the discovery of marijuana by yours truly, the years after that have been much more tolerable, but still. STILL! It hasn't really gotten any better has it? Everything is more expensive, and people are walking around pretty stressed-out and worried. It's really hard to be optimistic about the future. That's pretty f**king sad kids! I don't wanna bring y'all down or anything, but these are really empty nihilistic times we live in! Or maybe it's just me? Maybe I'm just going insane little by little and am THIS CLOSE to ending up in a padded room? Oh Harvey! Harvey! Where are you my imaginary rabbit friend? Uh. Yeah.
Phil Hartman was a pretty cool funny guy. I used to watch him a lot on Saturday Night Live back in the late 1980s. I was reading about him recently and the psycho woman he was married to. Jesus! She shot the poor dude several times while he was asleep in the face, ending a brilliant comedic career! This was 10 years ago already! Alas dear friends, we just never know when our time is gonna be up in this strange world/dimension. I'm fixated on this idea of my time here being temporary, because it truly is. No matter how rich, how famous, how successful, no one is gonna make it out of here alive! And generally, old people die the most of course, but young and vibrant full-of-life folks still can and DO croak as well! James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, and Selena all died young! Gotta spread the love and kindness while still here, because God forbid my wife shoots me in the face while I'm asleep and ends my fantastic life! Oh wait. I'm gay. I don't have a wife. Well, HAHA! Well, thank goodness! One less way to kick the bucket!
I leave you with
The Shins. A great great band for the millennium from Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Projekt R3volution said...

This decade has been pretty screwed up. I guess all we can do is hope it gets better soon. You better not be planning on jumping off a bridge anytime soon. Don't make me come kick your ass! LOL
Oh remember...if you get a haircut you gots to give the jewels a good manicure as well. It all goes together!

Marko said...

Hard to believe he has been gone for 10 years, he was one hell of a funny man!

M- Filer said...

I used to find your obsession with death morose. Now I find it adorable.
I think you should slap some "Something about Mary" gel in your hair and go shopping!

Lewis said...

I'm waiting for a picture of that long,, a.... hair. Could you send it along asap. Along with any others you'd care to.

Todd said...

doom and gloom. that's what it seems to be about all over. but, i'm trying to focus on how things are going to be better. big, big changes are coming and it should only get better.
of course i could be way off and we're all going to die soon, but that could be a positive change??

LBIC said...

You know what, you're right. This decade has sucked. It's been getting worse and worse each year. The economy is horrible, people are out of jobs and everything is getting more and more expensive.

I remember when 2000 came. My cousin played a trick on the family and as soon as the clock hit midnight on new years, he cut off all of the power in the house. My aunt freaked out and ran into the backyard. Pretty funny, actually.

dennis said...

Dennis was just thinking of Phil Hartman last week! Dennis loved all of his Simpson's characters like Lionel Hutz.... and heard that his two children are living normal lives and have parental units that are really into having kids. (the kids were apparently with babysitters 97% of the time when they lived in LA) The mother was supposed to watch them while Hartman was in NY or traveling elsewhere, but she'd vanish for days at a time. So at least the kids are being loved. Dennis loves kids...

Dennis usually visits here daily, but the humans left and took the laptops with them! It's An Outrage that Dennis does not have his own computer!!!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

You forgot to mention a certain clan (or klan) taking control of the Whie House in 2001. That was certainly the low point of this century so far.

Palm Springs Savant said...

WAT- you are quite right to fixate on the brevity of our time on earth. I informally live by the motto "live each day as if it were your last". at the risk of being so cliche, I never pass by roses unless I stop to smell them, I try to say one nice thing to someone everyday, and I try to pause to reflect on everyday.

I'm not afraid of dying as much as afraid of time flying by and suddenly I am 80 years old and not sure where it all went. So I say: live in the moment, and be merry.

dennis said...

re your question--we're doing a "theme thursday" --you will get to choose a theme too, --the theme is one word like

so for orange you could post a photo of robert downey jr. in an orange speedo or a poem you wrote about RDJ wearing an orange speedo.
or anything orange . like an orange (since you live in CA.)