Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm behind on your blogs my friends. I promise to get to them a.s.a.p.

Well, not much of an eventful weekend, other than we took mom out to eat Saturday night to Black Angus. YEEHA! Some damn good food! Yummy! Filet mi
gnon, rice pilaf, a nice big salad, and some potato skins! I was in heaven. Crème Brûlée for dessert too. Mmmmmmmmm! I ate so much, I looked pretty stupid afterwards.

Natural disasters are all over the news this week. Some really bad tornadoes have been hitting our country recently. China had a maj
or earthquake just yesterday! The cyclone in Myanmar has killed so many thousands and the military junta in control of the country has shown how completely useless and uncaring they are. All the aid coming in for those desperately in need is not being distributed. A shame really. I freak out now more than ever, praying that we here in L.A. are not next on the earthquake map! EEK! My beloved city, on this ever-so-dangerous high wire of possible seismic activity! We can handle the moderate quakes here and there, but I really hope we never experience anything like a 7.5 or above. No water or power for a few days sounds very nightmarish. I wouldn't be able to blog! OMG! HOW HORRIFYING! You'd all be wondering what happened to me and my masterful blog would be on cyberspace hold! LOL!
And because I just watched the Oliver Stone film World Trade Center, it only reiterated how being buried alive under rubble would definitely be a terrible thing. I'm surprised that I actually liked the movie. It didn't seem overly cheesy or corny at all, and was pretty well-acted. My sister-in-law Maggie Gyllenhaal is in it! I will try to avoid large buildings as much as possible and am pretty lucky to live and work in small buildings just in case they have to collapse! HA!

OMG! I got tickets to this event at the Hollywood Bowl! Liza Minelli is going to perform! The closest I'll ever get to seeing Judy Garland! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

No quakes por favor. Keep it calm L.A. Thanks.


dennis said...

Dennis says You had me at Filet Mignon!! xxxooo You didn't even need to write the rest!

okay, I'll go back and read what it says after Filet Mignon.

dennis said...

Dennis says you could fly to NYC if an earthquake disrupted your internet access.

Gavin Elster said...

OMG I never get a craving for that place but saturday was one of those rare days. So My buddy and I were there oh, about 6pm and it was crowded. Who knew steak was a pre-mothersday thing to do? I had the FM too and it was perfect. Oh and about 4 of those montana mai tais.

That would have been odd to see you (of all places) there!

Todd said...

Those recent tornados were really close to where my parents live. It's all very scary. We're expecting more. I talked to Mom yesterday and she described some of the incredible devastation they saw.

And then we recently had an earthquake in this area... scary stuff happening everywhere.

I'm with you on being trapped beneath the rubble. I don't think I'd survive.

M- Filer said...

"World Trde Center" left a bad taste in my mouth. There was this under current of American Patriotism that turned my stomack. Pre 9/11 I was all for Patriotism, but it just seems like post 9/11 Patriotism is synonymous to "bomb the towel heads!" I hate it.What was the lst line in the movie (or close to it)...something like "this will be avenged" Gross.

I love creme brulee too.

dit said...

What a nice diner you had with Mom. Sounds delicious too!

Like you, I cringe at the thought of our paradise rocking like many other have. I too live and work in lower buildings. Lets hope for a few smaller ones instead of one big one.

How fun! I love the Hollywood bowl. You will love Liza, she is great in concert. So funny, I took my Mom to see her at the Pantages before I was officially "out" she still had no clue. lol

Christopher said...

Mmmm...Crème Brûlée...mmmm!

Thanks for the heads up on the Bette Davis tribute...I'm thinking of going on the 31st to see "Whatever happpened to Baby Jane?"...can you imagine all of the 'mos that'll be there!!

Gary said...

Your sister in law. LOL. (If you can dream it, it can happen.)

dennis said...

Dennis says Liza is looking better these days, have ya noticed?

dennis said...

ps Dennis agrees with M-Filer on the movies. he is spot on!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

You're paying to go see Liza? Child, we need to talk.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

liza really? she's no madonna! but if you're happy I'm happy!

earthquakes....that is the natural disaster that I think scares me the most.... and probably one reason why when we had a chance to move to l.a. years, and years ago I told f to pass up that job.... well earthquakes and being totally dependent on automobiles.

gonna have to miss stone's movie - there are some movies I just can't watch - too distressing....

LBIC said...

There's been a couple of crazy fires down here (florida) too. They say Hurricane season is going to be insane this year. Hopefully they're wrong.