Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My cold never fully materialized, but I still felt kind of blah all weekend. I'm usually lazy as is, but it's been worse the last three days or so. I'm definitely behind on many of yer blogs, but will visit them whilst at work this week for sure.

So here I am, begrudgingly back at work. I gotta keep in mind how fortunate I am right? God bless my co-workers, even though at times I feel like I've run out of things to talk about with them! LOL! I mean, I see them all the damn time, and there comes a point where I don't even know what to say to them anymore without sounding monotonous or mundane! Karaoke last night sucked, in that I couldn't sing as well because I was fighting a respiratory bug and this older gentleman who hangs out at the bar from time to time had to point out how bad I sounded on stage, even though he never has the balls to go up and sing himself. The nerve! The utter nerve of some people! I never once even stopped to think of and appreciate the extra day off and what it means to our men and women who have served in the military, so here's a bit of a belated thank you to those who have fought and fallen for the cause!

O.k. I braved the crowds and went to see the new Indy movie. I liked it. It had some great visuals and good action scenes, but I wasn't wowed or mesmerized by it like I was with the other ones. Cate Blanchett is terrific playing a black wig-wearing Russian chick, but that goes without saying because she is amazing in almost every movie role I have ever seen her in. Harrison Ford is definitely looking his age, but that's okay because he's gonna pass the franchise onto the adorable Shia LaBeouf who will be the new Indiana Jones I suppose. There's a truly great scene in this new film where a nuclear weapon is used, and I was drooling and loving every minute of it because I have a strange fascination with nukes going off; the sheer power and devastation one of those things unleashes in a matter of seconds is frightening and quite divine! They also mentioned Spanish conquistador Francisco de Orellana in the film as part of the plot, and I can only imagine how truly brave and courageous these Spaniards were back in the day when they were going out of their way to explore and search for gold in these "new lands" that they encountered. Many of them died in the New World and never made it back home to Spain. Greed and curiosity are greater I suppose than the fear of death?

Casey Affleck is the best thing about Gone Baby Gone, which was directed by his dumbass brother Ben. Yeah, interesting plot I suppose, but the focus on Boston and the white trash that lives there got on my nerves after a while. And Juno was a simple and cute little movie, which got way more attention than it deserved, but Hollywood loves to hype certain films to death, and this was one of them.

I'm such a movie critic I know. I'll try not to quit my day job...


dit said...

Sorry to hear you were not feeling 100%. I had that respiratory thing a few months ago, not an easy one to kick.

Know exactly what you mean about the co-workers thing. A few of mine imagine their power by disapproving of everything. So silly.

I want to see the Indy film. It looks entertaining. I actually saw he and Calista at Fords Filling Station in Culver City a few months back.

Feel better.

Loren Soth said...

Likewise as well. I am glad you had a fun filled weekend despite everything.

For you co-workers, remember they are just meaningless cogs in the machinary there at work. They tend to embelish themselves in a vain attempt to give meaning to their boring lives by talking to you.
Just ignore them as background scenary.....

If you wann see a truly deranged movie I recommend Teeth. LOL... seems conservitive Wal-mart found this tame movie a bit to far gone.
The movie itself is a curiousity, but it does brillantly hold a mirror to the hypocrisy that our society seems to have concerning "the sex issue".

Feel better... maw

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I love the idea of a guy named Shia solving crimes of natural history in a fedora. Blanchett's character is supposedly a tribute to Lotte Lenya in "From Russia with Love". I just can't get up the energy to watch "Juno" since it sounds as tediously over-rated as "Little Miss Sunshine", the worst example of every worn-out indie movie cliche you can stuff into a VW bus. I bought "Superbad" months ago and also can't find the enthusiasm to watch that one either.

Ben Affleck is a dumbass, but I'd still do him. Casey was wonderful in a whiny sort of way in the Jesse James movie, even if it was nine hours long.

Palm Springs Savant said...

you need to have some Jamba Juice with all the boosts thrown in! For some reason (probably psychological) they do the trick for me.

btw- I agree with you on casey ;-)

Gary said...

I am a bit behind when it comes to seeing movies I guess, but I did go to see Iron Man this weekend. It was a really entertaining movie. And I really loved Juno for two reasons; the desire to have a child against the odds spoke to me personally and the love story. I may be a sucker but...well, I guess I am.

I'd love to hear you sing sometime. I would be right up there beside you as I do enjoy the singing myself.

BTW, I passed a guy in the street yesterday who looked like you. I quickly checked his waist size to see if it was as sledner as you say yours is but he didn't pass the belt test.

Marko said...

Teh reviews of indie are really crappy, but who listens to critics anyway?

LBIC said...

I've never really been into the Indiana Jones movies, I think I've only seen parts of them, but I actually wanted to see this one. A friend of mine said it sucked though. I might check it out next weekend. After I watch Sex and The City, of course.

I loved Juno, but I agree that it was overhyped.