Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I have been clicking on Ticketmaster forever trying to get Radiohead tix for their concert later this month, but it's just not gonna happen is it? The show must be sold out, and the only way I'll get in is if I pay a private ticket broker that has jacked up the original relatively cheap price. ARGH! Radiohead is like the coolest raddest most innovative band of the last 20 years! The sophistication of their songwriting and recordings is simply amazing! They're weird ethereal out-of-this-world British geniuses! Some samples of their work:

I went to my head doctor on Monday to get a new prescription of the same happy pill I've been on and off the last seven years or so. At one point, I asked Dr. Jewberg (LOL) what his opinion of medical marijuana was, and he said he was not in favor of it and that it caused more problems than it solved. Oh really now? Yeah, like my anti-anxiety medication hasn't caused me problems? Don't get me wrong, the drug saved my life, but trying to get off it is a bitch! At one point I was able to not take it for 4 months some years ago, but had a horrible anxiety relapse and had to deal with disturbing withdrawals. I'm on it now every other day and do pretty well, but the goal would be to come off it completely, although at times I wonder if that will ever happen or if I should even worry about it anymore.

Mind you, just because this drug and countless others are legally approved by the FDA
and crap doesn't mean they aren't addictive or destructive! Marijuana gets such a bad rap, and yet I find it such a harmless drug in comparison to some of these powerful pharmaceuticals, but even good ole' pot has its consequences when abused I suppose, but discovering its joys at the late age of 30 made me appreciate it more and up to this point I indulge in it lightly. I dunno, nature's herb is something I have considered to possibly help me wean myself off of my current prescribed med, and I could get it legally under our medical marijuana law in California, but I dunno. So many questions/doubts I have. I mean, I used to live my life without the need of any drug, but then again I was an anxious sober mess throughout most of my 20s, so I had to get on something to help me cope with this amazing fabulous perfect world! LOL! I don't like alcohol or any drugs other than Mary Jane, so I'm not too much of a Judy Garland wreck at this stage I suppose.

I'm still trying to get through Don Quixote which I began to read at the very beginning of this year! I'm on page 640 out of 1100 or so. ARGH! This book is so wordy; Cervantes sure had lots of free time and lots to say apparently. It's such an integral part of the Spanish-speaking world; a marveous book full of so many anecdotes, sayings, and concepts passed down through generations of Hispanic peoples. Did you know it is the fourth best-selling book of all time? Some 500 million copies! WOW! La primera novela, y posiblemente la mejor obra de toda la historia...

Babel Fish translate that last phrase if ya want to. ;)


Todd said...

I hope you get the Radiohead tickets. They're one of my favorite bands and I would love to see them sometime.

Sounds like you've got a plan going on the med situation. Maybe you should research it some more.

Conclave27 said...

I do agree to some extent that the psychiatric may cause more harm than good. Although I am not an advocate for there use, becuase they do have long term potential side affects, I do believe if you actually need them for a medical purpose then you should not be denied access. is a national orginization that is trying to decriminize the use of marijuana. They also list a variety of laws in various states and how to obtain it legally through certain doctors(

Now according to you may be elligible to take marijuana for medical use as a mood disorder. However, it is not good for an anxeity disorder. However if you suffer from depression, it really useful. See the listings here

Gavin Elster said...

Fish don't get messed up by flushed away pot. Prozac is another story.

phd girl said...

Pot? eh, eat it in a cake. better for your lungs.

Bill German said...

dr jewberg and a judy garland wreck (nice writing). throw those happy pills away before they eat your brain up. Smoke some hash and drink some beers, thats all u need

dennis said...

Dennis loves radiohead.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ticketmonster sucks....can you just go to the box office of the venue and see if you can snag tickets that way???

gertrude swears by alice b toklas brownies.