Friday, August 29, 2008


Jesus! I was so exhausted yesterday! I think I hibernated a record 20 hours or so!

So much
going on, I can't keep up. The Clintons were brilliant this week at the DNC. Made me really wish Hillary were the main Democratic nominee, but there's no stopping Barack apparently. I can't stand Michelle Obama. Her speech was full of crap and she strikes me as a very angry entitled SISTA. Ted Kennedy was soooo moving; definitely a highlight of the whole show. God bless ya Ted and your family. The Kennedys have been through so much. I like Barack a lot. My God he looks so much like his white mama. He's tall and lanky like me. And yet, and YET despite talking about party unity and shit, I just don't know if I'm going to vote for him or AT ALL in November period! Politicians are ultimately full of crap! One minute Hillary, Bill, and Joe Biden (167 gleaming white teeth and all) are attacking Barack, and now they are endorsing him, kissing his half white/black ass?! Hypocrites! Even worse, will be having to stomach the Republicans next week!

Madonna pissed of that old fart John McCain for comparing h
im to Hitler at her recent tour. Seems like grandma still knows how to push buttons; even those that claim she's an irrelevant pop star had to comment, so apparently she's still got what it takes to make headlines, stir up controversy, and piss people off! I hate the wardrobe for her new tour by the way! She looks horrible! UGH! She looked amazing for her Confessions Tour, but for this one she looks like some drunken homeless white trash S&M hooker! Can't wait to get tickets anyway! LOL! Michael Jackson is now 50 years old as well, but his career and his face are pretty much over. It's too bad, because Michael was my childhood idol when I was 10.

There's this powerful hurricane on its way to the Gulf Coast, and possibly aiming at New Orleans again, exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina! Say it ain't so man! EEK!

Y'all have a terrific Labor Day weekend. I thank you for visiting and commenting. I will get to all your blogs ASAP.

Check out the crying wacko black woman at the convention this past week. It's sad, and yet funny to watch her at the same time:


Todd said...

All this convention stuff is just nifty sound bites that ultimately mean nothing. I want plans and ideas laid out!!
Madonna is anything but irrelevant. The woman has power and money to back it up as well as the influence her situation has given her. And when it comes to politics, money goes a long, long way.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I promise to not bash Madonna if you promise to lay off Michelle Obama for a while. Deal?

alice said...

I honestly don't know who the hell to vote for. I have total mistrust for all politicians - but especially Presidential candidates. If their careers have made it that far, it's not without considerable compromise, and they become a shadow of their former selves. It's all about who can bullshit better. How depressing.

Sometimes I wonder if Madonna just does and says things for shock value to get attention - like an ignored child. Don't get me wrong - sometimes controversy can start a terrific dialog. She just always seems to enjoy being the catalyst.

M- Filer said...

A drunken white trash s&m hooker? She's the BOMB baby! I love it when she looks like a Gautier inspired drunken s&m hooker!

Ya know, the politicians can be slimy and self serving, but they all have a plan that they will implement, and in this case those agendas/ plans are vastly different. Step away from the personalities for a second and think if you want national health care , liberal supreme court justices, and an end to the occupation in Iraq. If you don't vote you are saying you don't give a shit about any of these things. I think you do.

Pod said...

i think madonna may be heading for losing it. she has pretty much kept it together, and never really gone off the rails, but i can see her making a tit of herself now. shame. she could have grown old very gracefully and led the way somewhat...wat

Palm Springs Savant said...

hope you have a great holiday weekend Wat!

d. chedwick said...

Did my WAT film depress you? If so I blame Eddy--he was the star and he didn't follow my directions at all. (typical) I can make you another one...if you hated it.