Saturday, August 09, 2008


Did y'all catch a glimpse of the opening ceremony of the Olympics? MY GOD MAN! HAVE U EVER SEEN A MORE GORGEOUS COLORFUL SEAMLESS PERFECT ASTOUNDING AWESOME SPECTACLE?! China wanted to impress the world, and did more than just that; she effectively proclaimed, "I AM A WORLD POWER, HEAR ME ROAR YE WESTERN BASTARDS!" Look at these pictures! That dorky Michael Phelps is looking quite handsome to me lately; go Team U.S.A!

I almost went to Las Vegas this weekend, but decided against it due to financial and time reasons. I still look forward to going though, when it gets cheaper later this year, so I can go check out the high-class ritzy Wynn hotel/casino and to go see the Love show at The Mirage of course! Speaking of The Beatles, I caught this amazing tribute band called Rain on PBS last night, and they eerily did sound and play just like the group; perhaps even better than the originals! LOL!

Don't mean to end the post on a downer note, but a frequent lush who
m I often saw at local bars here and there died this past week of melanoma, which sounds like a most unpleasant terrible disease. I also found out another bar employee whom I genuinely like is dying of cancer, but he has told only a few people close to him. That just makes me sad really. And Bernie Mac, who was truly genuinely funny is gone:


M- Filer said...

I have always thought I would die from skin cancer. Thanks for reminding me.

The Trustees said...

RIP Bernie Mac. tragic he should die so young.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Besides those pesky human rights and environmental abuses, we all knew China could put on a good opening ceremony. Too bad they didn't do a tribute to the People Republic of Wal-Mart.