Monday, August 11, 2008


O.k. kids. I saw it. I SAW IT. I saw The Dark Knight. We were originally planning to see it on the huge IMAX screen, but it had sold out, so we had to settle for watching it in regular mode. This is the theater I saw it in, and there were still lots of people, even though the movie has been out for about a month! I mean, this film is just an unstoppable money-making machine! Anyway, back to my thoughts on the movie. It was good. Tense. Rather enjoyable. Very dark. Heath Ledger is quite good; he creates his own demented Joker character that holds up well and apart from Jack Nicholson's more hilarious and insane version. Don't ask me to choose the better Joker, because I like them both for different reasons. The cast as a whole is purty good, although someone should've told Christian Bale to suck on a cough drop or two, because his hoarse Batman voice got on my nerves! Anyway, I'm not one for spoiling the plot to movies, so just to say that out of four stars, I give this film three stars. It is a good film, but not GREAT. This is not The Godfather, American Beauty, Little Children, Jaws, or Stand By Me folks. It just isn't, but it certainly is worth the price of admission.

The more I see, hear, or read about Michael Phelps, U.S. swimmer extraordinaire, the stronger my obsession with this young 23-year old goofy dude becomes. I'm officially smitten. 6ft. 3 and some 200 l
bs! He's a big dork, and yet so mothaf**kin' sexy! Please bend me over now! Rumors abound about Michael being kind of cocky (in size and conceit), and about his true sexual orientation. Whatever. It's not like us mere mortals would ever get a chance with him anyway. DAMNIT. I just hate being ordinary me sometimes...


Bill German said...

i give batman 2 stars. It was just another hollywood excess movie. The plot was tangled. But I did enjoy heath. I give "There will be blood" 4 stars. Now that was a great movie.

d. chedwick said...

sometimes Christian Bale gets on my nerves too.

Heath was quite quite good in "I'm Not There"
I plan to see The Dark knight when the crowds thin.

Todd said...

I've never liked Christian Bale until 3:10 to Yuma.

I'm not that turned on by Phelps. Nice body and all, but not enough to make me drool.

dennis said...

Dennis hissed at Christian Bale once. (He was on TV in a movie called Laurel Canyon. he played the Hissssy character..

Dennis is trying out the new controversial Pink Hat Family therapy this week, it's a lot to ask, but could you drop by today, (Tues) tomorrow and Thursday to give input on our sessions?

Dennis is Thanking you in advance!

marxsny said...

Not that I know enough about him that I could be considered a stalker or anything but I heard that in spite of a 5000 calorie a day intake and recent concentration on weightlifting, Michael has been unable to break that 200 lb threshold. Either way I think he'd be a good player to have on "the team".