Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm in a bit of a rush, trying to get this entry in before the day ends.

Yeah, i
t's President's Day! My fav American president of all time is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. When Roosevelt took office in 1933, this country was in the midst of a horrible economic depression, but by the time he left (died really) office in 1945, the United States had not only come out of its financial turmoil stronger, but it had also won World War II and was the greatest power on Earth. Not bad FDR, not bad at all. A great man, who couldn't even walk due to the polio that had stricken him earlier in life; an amazing human being! Folks, leaders like this just don't exist anymore. Mind you, FDR did make some mistakes during his presidency, like those embarrassing Japanese internment camps, but to get a whole nation motivated, energized, and win that horrid war the way it did was a truly extraordinary feat. He was one great orator too, as you can listen to here. Only president to ever be elected four times! That goes to show you the people loved him, because he knew what he was doing!

I was watching Appaloosa yesterday, a really cool western starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, and Renée Zellweger. I like the film, but what kept going through my mind was how much I miss my father in the sense that I remember him watching lots of westerns whenever they were aired on television, especially any one of those starring Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson, who were his two favorite actors. He used to say that he would've loved to have been a cowboy. HA! I could envision my old man being a vaquero too, what with his old style macho self and terrible womanizing ways. Yeah, it's too bad my father did not live long enough to really enjoy the awesomeness of HDTV or DVD's to have been able to enjoy these new and old movies again about the old Spanish-style Southwest in high quality! Anyway, it was nice to remember him fondly at least in this manner, because not all of my memories of my father are good, but at least I am happy to think of something positive to say about my old man, who passed on to the next dimension some seven years ago.

Well, I have much more to yap about, but I gots to run!


Todd said...

Run? Where are you running off to on Pres Day?

I don't think we have too many of the old macho manly man men in politics anymore. They're all too sensitized.

alice said...

I have always loved western movies - and some of the more recent ones on television are not bad. I'm a huge Sam Elliot fan, and love his westerns. Well.... I love any movie he is in - but he seems especially natural as a cowboy.

My brother and my husband are big John Wayne watchers. But my favorite John Wayne movie was "The Quiet Man". It was my dad's favorite too, who has been gone 26 years.

Crazy Eddie said...

Wow. I remember my dad was into Westerns also (many American Latino men were). He was also into Sanford and Son... go figure.


Besos WAT baby!!