Friday, August 14, 2009


It's been a good productive work week! YEEHA!

Goodness gracious, my head is spinning with all this talk and arguing over health care reform. UGH! Whom to believe?! The plan sounds really cool and all, but then there's been all these town hall meetings where average American citizens are fuming mad at Obama's plan. And
the conservative right-wing assholes on Fox and radio are having a field day ripping the president to shreds over what they call "evil socialist Nazi" Obama policies. Lemme tell ya something folks, while I am not goo goo gaga over Obama and did not vote for him, it incenses me that assholes like fat slob Rush Limbaugh would have the nerve to talk all this shit against the prez, and conveniently forget all the monumental damage the previous f*cktard in office has left us with! IT DRIVES ME UP THE WALL! But anyway, the ridiculous cost of a hospital stay, surgery, and prescription medication in this country is truly nightmarish, and something has to be done. Is Obama's plan the answer though?! I can't form an opinion on the subject, because I'm not as well-informed, but I am glad this debate is taking place at least, because it is about time SOMETHING be done to reform such a seemingly greedy, cold, and heartless system. Is Obama's idea though, the way to go?!

Hey, so we sure can't get The Beatles back together again for a reunion tour, but we still have ABBA right?! Now why in tha hell won't that hugely successful pop group go out on some massive world tour already?! I mean, milk it for all its worth ye Swedish yakgellarz! Hell, I'd pay to go to one of those concerts, and there are still millions who adore them, so it would undoubtedly be a smash hit of epic proportions. They have consistently gotten h
uge money offers to get back together again, but I think the dudes are not interested at all. Well, they made their cash already I suppose, and continue to get songwriter royalties and profits from side projects like the Mama Mia! musical and stuff. Abba recorded the bulk of their material in English, because frankly it is the language that musically "speaks" to the entire planet, but they were also quite intelligent to realize at the time that the other big language used to achieve pop star success internationally is Spanish, and they recorded lots of songs in that Romance tongue as well, even more than their native Swedish! This assured the band true international recognition/superstardom, and as a native Spanish speaker, their accent was quite good/convincing I must say! Quite frankly, this group was true pop songwriting at its finest.

The weekend is here, and it's time to chill! And you're gonna watch/listen to this ABBA medley
en español okay? Gracias:


Anonymous said...

ABBA in Spanish! That is new!
They were my favourite group as a kid. SOS is my favourite ABBA song, it's a bit more rock and I like the lyrics.

On an ABBA reunion, this from wiki:

"On 4 July 2008 Fältskog joined former colleagues Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson at the Swedish premiere of the film version of Mamma Mia!, held at the Rival Theatre (owned by Andersson) in Mariatorget, Stockholm. Fältskog arrived with Lyngstad and movie star Meryl Streep, the three dancing in front of thousands of fans before joining the film's other stars and Andersson and Ulvaeus on the hotel balcony for the first photograph of all four ABBA members together in 22 years.[9] The event made the front pages of newspapers around the world as well as being shown live on news channels."

There is hope yet,

Palm Springs Savant said...

So I love, love love ABBA and always have. nice medley there WAT. And about your Spanish tongue...

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

One of the more interesting critiques by the pundits that all the hysteria has been the dominance of...BLOGS!!! Maybe that's why I've not weighed in on the debate yet. I have insurance, but I still think it's useless and that, like the banking industry, the healthcare industry is organized crime.

alice said...

Rush Limbaugh gives me a headache. If you have ever really listened to his show, it is all about bashing the Democrats. He never has anything constructive to say, nor alternative answers about his complaints - he just wants the forum to bark about how stupid all Democrats are. I absolutely loathe the man.

I am hesitant to support Obama's plan, simply because there are many things left unsaid about how it will work and where the money is coming from. I think in order for health insurance to be affordable, the powers-that-be have to go after the insurance companies - who, by the way, seem to always have HUGE profits each year. Insurance companies were originally non-profit organizations, and the greed morphed them into an abortion of what they were intended to be. I say go after them first.... then see what needs to follow. JMO, of course.