Friday, August 07, 2009


I haven't worked a full 40 hours this week, but I have gotten much done at the office regardless. I'm awesome like that. :)

Man, through the magic of YouTube, I've been watching old Sam Kinison comedy clips and that guy was hilarious! Very raunchy, but super funny. From what little I know of his bio, he used to be a minister at one point?! Am I correct on this?! I can totally believe that too, because Sam had that very famous high-pierced scream that became his signature trademark, which sounds like something a preacher would do. If ya care to watch a bit of Sam at his finest, go here. Sadly, as many of you may already know, Sam was killed in a car crash on his way to Las Vegas I believe some time ago. A very funny man he was though. And another comedic genius is Robin Williams of course, who is still recovering I believe from heart surgery. I'll have to admit, I have liked some Robin Williams movies here and there, but I much prefer his stand-up, only because it gives him the liberty to truly be himself, and his razor-sharp mind/wit are second to none. The guy is just plain super talented and here's to Robin's complete recovery soon!

At least I can say I've gotten laid! The gym killer however...WHOA! Yeah, so
the dude that walked into that health club and opened fire on those women! YIKES! I know men who fit that guy's profile to the max and it is really disturbing. I mean, it really cannot be that hard to get laid folks. It just can't be. Now I know that hetero men have to do a little more work to get a girl into the sack and all, but it's truly not impossible seeing as people keep breeding children left and right! I've seen the gym killer's pictures, and he was a decent-looking fellow, even at 48 years of age. Perhaps he was aiming too high only wanting super young near perfect 10 chicks, but he seemed like a very successful professional, so he could've easily shown off some cash right? Or paid some hot hooker! I've watched some of the video clips this lonesome loser left behind, and he seemed like a real egomaniacal presumptuous jerk-off, which is probably why he probably repelled females! I don't know man, but this is something that will continue happening in America unfortunately. I've honestly lost count as to how many horrible mass shootings we've had, and that's a very sad thing to say, because it only shows the rampant mental illness and frustration so many out there are harboring. Ya see, I take care of my personal frustrations by taking my happy pill, smoking out once-in-a-while, and having meaningless sex with no true romantic life to speak of! OH GOD HELP ME! LMAO!

I soooooooo wanna go see this movie! This Meryl Streep is an acting goddess:


RG said...

Poor single straight guys. You know, it IS difficult for them to get laid. Have you ever been to a straight bar and watched the hunting? Sad, just sad.

That being said, I've had more than my fair share of "straight" cock - a boy has got to get off!

Meryl is NOT going to be 60! Look at her! She looks FABULOUS! Seriously - really - I would guess somewhere in her early 40's but 60? NO WAY!

I can't wait to see this movie: 1) I love Julia Child and, 2) I love Meryl and 3) I love food and cooking.

alice said...

That gym shooting was just awful. Maybe the guy could get laid, but wanted a long-term relationship. Some guys come across as way too desperate (like some women....) and it scares potential mates away. In any case, we will never know the whole story.

Could Meryl be any more talented - I mean, that lady can tackle ANY role and make it believable. And she seems to be getting better!! How is that possible???

RG said...

BTW, Sam Kinison was a Pentacostal preacher before he went into comedy.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I hadn't heard about that creepy gym killer guy. yikes.

oh- julia and julia looks FUN!