Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I went to see Inglourious Basterds on Saturday. This is one long film, and although I liked many aspects of the movie--it is in the end, a flawed picture. Brad Pitt annoyed me after a while with his character and ignoramus Southern accent. The preposterous rewriting of certain key historical elements was downright retarded! We all know Hitler died of suicide in his underground bunker, but this film wants us to believe otherwise?! Absurd in my opinion, truly absurd! And although I don't mind reading subtitles AT ALL, I wonder if most lazy Americans are aware that this movie almost qualifies as a foreign film, because so much of it is in French and German--you betta be ready to read through lots of subtitles, although I found it cool to hear all that French, because it only helps me practice my third language more. And director Tarantino loves to be graphically violent of course, which I don't f*cking care for, but okay then, I can look away I guess, which I did many many times. All that negativity aside, there are some wonderful moments in the film, and true suspense created just through the dialogue alone! There are some true acting greats here and congrats go to Austrian actor Christoph Waltz as the main Nazi officer who performs flawlessly as the multilingual evil cold-blooded "Jew Hunter"--he is almost certian to get an Oscar nomination for this role. Mélanie Laurent is also good as the French Jewish girl who escapes death and plots revenge as a the owner of a movie theater in Paris. I can't forget to mention Diane Kruger too, for she is great as a German actress that wants to help the Allies topple the Nazis. Anyway, can Hollywood please stop making WWII Holocaust films now?! I know it was a horrible time, but GEEZ, leave the poor Germans alone already! LOL! GOOD LORD MAN! Haven't they been vilified enough?! Where's the Spaniard-bashing for all their atrocities back in the 16th century against native peoples?! The Nazis however, and that dark era were relatively recent, and it truly remains one of the most fascinating/monstrous periods in the history of the world.

The news is full of insane sensational stories this week! Michael Jackson's death is now considered a homicide, because his doc was knowingly/illegally injecting him
with mass quantities of powerful drugs and anesthetics. Jesus man, I guess I still can't believe MJ is truly dead, but his bizarre physical transformation and terrible emotional issues could only lead to the icon's demise in such a manner anyway. Michael was obviously a very unhappy person, and it almost seems like a relief for him that he no longer has to face such scrutiny from the media and insane public attention. Then there's the news story of that handsome seemingly successful reality show contestant that strangled his blonde bimbo wife, dismembered her, cut her fingers off, yanked out all her teeth, and stuffed her into a suitcase so that she could not be identified, but it was thanks to her breast implants that they were able to ID her and the manhunt was on, but he hung himself in a cheap motel in his homeland, Canada before the cops could get to him. YIKES! What a terrible end to a rocky crazy relationship I must say--a hottie loony scumbag and an airhead stripper porn whore! Astounding, simply astounding!

I owe some of you major visits to yer blogs. Scold me/remind me will ya?

The greatest WWII-Holocaust-Nazi film ever made. Magnificent performances, and the original trailer has some fine music:


A Lewis said...

Have I told you that I did a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter of Krakow, Poland, where Schindler's List took place? Amazing. Sad.

RG said...

I see you're looking at life from the sunny side of the street! hee hee

You know, it's just a MOVIE Wat. And Tarantino and other directors can do as they wish. Just relax and enjoy the ride that the fantasy of the film provides.

People take movies waaaaaaay too seriously.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I was on the fence about whether I should see that flick, now I shall pass. Although I still think Brad Pitt it the cat's meow as they say.

That crazy Canadian murderer was too stange for words.

Anonymous said...

After the ego-maniacal Kill Bill and the borish, horrid Death Proof, I'm passing on any more Tarantino films. (Even though I couldn't have a lower opinion of him, his appearance on American Idol somehow lowered it even more.)

Conclave27 said...

"Dances with Wolves" is another nice film with great Anti-American sentiments put in. The US dirty secret of murdering millions of Native Americans in their conquest of the west is so much worse than the little Holocust of WWII. After all in some aspects it was a religious war of Christians Vs. Jew

"Like Flags of our Father", the "Bastardes" film just goes to show you the emptiness of the US Military and the fact that we have less than honorable and less than intelligent men in our armed forces. Yikes....

"Do you know why you hate a rat? A squirrel is no different? They look the same except for the tail. Yet one you would not invite that rat into your house."

alice said...

It's interesting that you touched on Brat Pitt's accent, because he is a native of Missouri, and their Southern accents are a little different. Having spent most of my childhood around them, I would listen to that lazy drawl and wonder how in the world they ever got anything said. He has had that in his ear for most of his youth, so it was probably what he used for his accent reference. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can't be sure of what you mean - I just know a little about where he came from.