Tuesday, September 08, 2009


WHAT?! LABOR DAY WEEKEND IS OVER?! WHAT GIVES?! I was having such a nice time too. I did not go anywhere special or out of town, but I did spend quality time with all kinds of good friends and stuff. Yes, it was pleasant all-around. The only problem being that in a couple of hours, it's back to the wonderful office which I adore! I completely forgot about looking into my next career move over the weekend too--I don't wanna give it away just yet for fear I may jinx it, but I got a plan of sorts. Crossing my fingers I don't procrastinate it like I do everything in my life. Hey, I watched this remake called, The Last House on the Left. I have never seen the Wes Craven original, but this 2009 version was pretty damn good. Excellent horror film for the upcoming Halloween season and stuff, but I must warn you that the brutality and violence is quite disturbing, and yet somehow it works for this movie, because it kind of validates the whole entire plot, especially towards the end. You'll see what I mean if you decide to sit through this, but the suspense is almost unbearable at times--very well-executed and almost perfectly acted. So there! WHEW! What a ride! I watched the unrated version by the way, so I guess it's more graphic.

Oh, I sure hope I don't bore you with more Beatles-related news, but I'm going to bore you with Beatles-related news! It's a big week, because we got two huge releases: The Beatles: Rock Band and the co
mplete re-release of their original albums super duperly remastered in the best quality sound ever available! The box set alone I was told is $200 and change, but well-worth it because so many of those albums on CD as I own them right now have poor sound quality using 1988 technology, when they were first released onto digital discs from vinyl records. So many of those songs will sound more amazing now I'm sure, so I can't wait, even though I'll have to spend my entire upper torso! I won't bother with the video game, because I don't even own a Playstation or Wii, but I'm sure a good friend somewhere out there will get it/have it or whatever. Plus, there's plenty of footage already on YouTube, so it's cool. It's the audio stuff that I'm pining over ladies and gentleman! YEEHA! I can't wait, although from what my dear beloved bud P.V. told me, the box sets are kind of sold-out as the demand has been tremendous. Can you even believe that a band that has been broken-up and dead for close to 40 years can still generate this kind of excitement and money?! That is astonishing and a testament to the enduring legacy of these four Englishmen, who quite literally changed the world--they are just endlessly fascinating really.

VH-1 Classic has got a whole nine days dedicated to The Beatles, as the two big releases (the video game and remastered albums) go on sale on 9/09/09, which is tomorrow. Hmmm, just flip that date upside down will ya? OOOOOOOOOOO! Eerie:


Conclave27 said...

Beatles Rockband is worth it for the visuals. So far they have done an awesome job, especially with career mode.

Aside from that... what about "Rotten Apple" and the whole 09-09-09 is actually also 60-60-60 take the zeros out.....spooky. Especially when you do this the 9-9-9 date = 27 ... 2+7 = 9.
6-6-6 date = 18 ... 1+8 = 9.

Hmmm who odd

Gary said...

Hi, now that I am back 'on the job' and out of my summer stupor, which I quite enjoyed, I can get back to bloggin'. Hope you missed me.

So, get to work on this new inspiring career. I guess the teaching idea is out the window?

Sebastien said...

Making a note of that movie, I love horror movies.