Friday, September 11, 2009


Happy 9/11 everybody! LOL! The day we got our balls handed to us...

UGH! Eight years since the Hollywood blockbuster-style terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, and where's Osama Bin Laden?! WHERE THA HELL IS HE?! Wasn't he the evil mastermind behind the whole damn thing? And here we are all these years later and nothing. Bush left the country in shambles thanks to that event, so I guess Bin Laden did good in bringing America down quite a bit. Oh whatever. Seems like all that horrible stuff happened so long ago. I think most of the country has moved on and has become more cynical to it all, because we haven't had anything major happen anymore, and because we just don't wanna live in fear. I mean, who cares right? We all gotta die sometime anyway, so might as well just LIVE! It's obvious we're are at each other's throats again politically and all that singing and holding hands on the Capitol steps was a bunch of baloney!

Which brings me to Wednesday night's speech to Congress by President Obamee. Okay, what the hell was the point of this outburst?! I'm most sure you all know of the incident by now. Obama had to deny all the silly claims about his health plan, and it took the mention of the illegals to get this guy and the Republicans all worked up. It's always the illegals! LMAO! My God man, I ain't no Obama worshipper and did not even vote for the dude, but doesn't he deserve some respect?! STFU! Right-wingers who have the nerve to conveniently forget all the damage their beloved Bush did make my head spin! Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and Glenn Beck spewing their utter bullshit on the airwaves and in print is downright irresponsible journalism--Obama is not perfect and not the savior of the country, but he has only been in office eight months and you morons want to blame the entire Bush-Cheney diarrhea years on our half-breed new guy? THAT IS COMPLETELY UNFAIR! YES! STOP IT ALREADY AND GROW UP YOU CHILDISH IMMATURE BRATS FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL! By the way, Pelosi's reaction to the guy shouting out that Obama is a liar was priceless. She seemed really incensed and was almost scoffing. HAHA! And check out the bitch's expensive pearl necklace! Yeah, other presidents have gotten booed I hear, but whatever. "I don't want the president indoctrinating my children!" UGH! WHY DID YOU PEOPLE EVEN BREED AND HAVE CHILDREN?! LOSERS! And I am no liberal talking here so shut up. I'm a moderate thank you very much...

I'm going to make it a fine fine weekend. I'm in a very frustrated and in an almost apathetic mood lately, as if I just wanna let my hair down and be in the middle of a 30-man orgy or something to that effect. HEE! Always use protection of cours
e. Ahem.

Antonio Banderas and his blond bimbo wife doing an interview in his native Spain back in 2005 I believe. Melanie's Spanish is fantastic! NOT! Entertaining to behold this spectacle--I actually like Melanie in all her airheaded drug-addicted broken Spanish glory:


Anonymous said...

Well have a great weekend then and if it's a 30 man orgy, take pictures!! Take lots of pictures!!

Conclave27 said...

Actually Senator Wilson should be applauded because Obama is a liar.
Senator Wilson outburt was something many feel. The current plan Mr. Obama has outlined will cost the U.S at least $90 Billion Dollars a year.

Currently Medi-cade, Medi-care, and the VA Hospital governments systems are broken. How can the government claim to have an answer when they can't run these simple programs.

The reasons why Senator Wilson objected is because Obama does not want any provision to add verification to those who would receive benefits. Also behind the scenes Obama has been working on providing amnesty for illegals. We know we can't even have handle on identity theft and fraud, or even control the illegal problems... they received healthcare would further balloon the costs.

Has anyone been to the County Hospital? Do you want that? I really doubt if this horrible plan comes to pass... that no one in the governement from the civil to the federal level will not even use this "Healthcare" system. Why should a lazy good for nothing state employee receive Premium Healthcare while the hard tax paying system be forced into a State run Healthcare...

mkf said...

hmm, sounds like there might've been some mighty pleasurable penis-power unleashed upon the sleepy, unsuspecting city of los angeles this weekend--sorry i missed out.

[and speaking of missing out, i'm totally sure that if it weren't for that cockblocking bitch melanie griffith, antonio would be in my bed right now where he goddam well belongs.]

RG said...

Conclave27: As someone who receives VA health care, I can tell you without hesitation it is not broken. I have received the best care, at no cost, except for prescription drugs which the VA provides to me at an extremely low rate. Otherwise it would cost me over $2,000.00 a month. If I didn't have VA health care I would be dead.

Further, the VA did not turn me down because of a pre-existing condition and/or cancel a procedure because of cost. I haven't had to fight with a government bureaucrat over coverage or cost or access. If a doctor felt I needed more diagnostic tests, they did them. End of story.

And lastly, regarding my care at the VA, I haven't had to wait, other than normal times sitting in a chair at the doctor's office to receive any benefits at all.

Medicare is, contrary to your belief, a well run program. It only takes 4% for administrative costs, doesn't exclude people with pre-existing conditions and cannot cancel it's coverage when someone gets ill. The elderly who have Medicare are extremely happy with their coverage. The only problem is a proper funding mechanism, which the last Republican Congress screwed around with and messed up the reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals.

Is there fraud in the Medicaid/Medicare system? Absolutely - but not from the programs themselves - but from organizations trying to game the system - namely insurance companies who over charge for reimbursement for procedures that were never done on non-existent patients, so they could pad their profit margin for the benefit of Wall Street.

Could fraud protection against the government run health systems be better? Absolutely. The rules regulating reimbursement and verification of services could be tightened up to prevent this. However, that didn't happen in the Republican Congress, you know, since business knows how to self-regulate. Pfsssst...right.

And if you bothered to read any of the bills before congress, which I have, there is language in all of them, which specifically states no person in this country illegally will be given benefits. Period. Does that mean illegal aliens will stop getting treatment? No. But by instituting affordable health care for everyone, the savings will more than make up for people who receive free treatment. And for the record, the vast majority of illegal aliens in the country DO have medical insurance.

$90 billion a year is a bargain compared to the annual defense budget which is five times higher. Which would you rather have - another useless supersonic jet to defend against a cold war enemy that doesn't exist anymore, or health coverage for everyone?

The fact is, insurance companies kill people on a regular basis. Insurance companies exist to make money, not provide you with health care. That may be what they advertise, but that's not what they provide.

Thousands of people die each year, waiting for insurance companies to approve medication, procedures, operations. Some people have had their treatments terminated in the middle of the process because the insurance company decided not to pay.

This fight for health care is more than just getting medical care. It's about changing the social paradigm of a selfish "Me" society to a more fair "We" society. Regardless of one's political affiliation, I we ARE our brother's keeper.

Conclave27 said...

I am glad that your experience with the VA system has been positive which is great and that the way it should be.

I do agree that the current system of healthcare overall is broken, and regulation needs to be done in terms of the pharmaceuticals company and insurance company who do gouge everyone. No argument about that.... however if it was run as a well organized and efficient system there would be little fraud and waste.

However, since you live in a non-border state... you experiences are way different from someone in Los Angeles, CA. Visit the County Hospital or even go under there care. My best friend was forced to go to county. He was in the Emergency for 24+ hours for a simple stomach ulcer. They could not find a room in the near empty hospital as they double check whether or not he could possibly qualify for a program or if he could pay. Not only did he treat him as a homeless person... it was inhumane as a 4th world country!
Not only was the hospital horrible.... but the people there. I am sorry we are not created equal... I do not want to be sitting by some crazy crazy addicted or some homeless person demanding to scam the system and be treated like royalty or the many illegals that were obviously there. Oh and visiting and trying to get him out of the hospital was no picnic either.

All my life my family has used the hospital system, we have had private insurance... and well we were treated like human beings with compassion. We never were part of the whole Kaiser Family or big business Insurance providers.

The bills in congress do not have have provisions against illegals. So far all the proposal requiring basic validation have been shot down by certain party affiliations. As far as medicare and I said.... MA is way different than CA. I see the people exploiting the system, wasting our taxes.... and even more frigtening things.

We are all alone here in the US. I shall not be held down, we are out for ourselves and do not want to take care of some stranger. I can only help those I know. No... after Prop 8 fiasco I do not want the State to decide my health choices or how I can live my life.
Do you realize that on a federal level, if healthcare is controlled by the government.... that we gays can be cut out? How would you like it if the majority rule decides why should we waste mony of AIDS research for Gays...if Gays are aberration that need treatment to correct their defective lifestyle? If we cannot even balance the budget on a State or Federal simple government programs... how can they run healthcare!? By trying to save everyone, you end up killing everyone. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the one, some many others can live.

RG said...

Conclave27: I'm sorry your friend had a lousy experience at your county hospital. But the same thing could be said for Chicago, Atlanta, Miami or any other municipally funded medical facilities.

And yes, CA is way different from MA - I'm not disputing that point. CA is a HUGE state and it's problems are proportionate to it's population size. The problems seem larger because you ARE larger.

You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. The fact is, there IS specific language in all the bills presently pending before the four house committees the specifically excludes ANY benefits to illegals. It's there, it's in black and white, it's online - go read them.

Are people scamming the system - oh hell yes - THAT is why we need reform. Not to be cliché but the status quo is unacceptable.

Your paranoia after Prop 8 is understandable. But LGBT folks are not going to be excluded. And by your example what's to say, anybody can be excluded for any reason - which, by-the-way is happening NOW with private insurance companies!

At some point, this country has to grow up and realize that the idea of "rugged individualism" is a false image, perpetrated through our history at the expense of others. As individuals, we are responsible for our own lives, but in a greater context within a larger society, we are responsible for each other as well.

Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I'd like to think that our better selves will eventually shine through.

Finally, I have enjoyed this back-and-forth with you. It has been a great experience to share my views and have them argued in this forum with intelligence and passion.

If I ever make it to LA, assuming it hasn't burned to the grown - I'm buying you a beer.

WAT said...

You two fags are so entertaining! LOL!

RG said...

WAT: You're not getting any beer. (giggle)

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Oh, poor Melanie. I don't feel like such a fool with my own Spanish now. Of course, she form a coherent sentence in English either.

Sebastien said...

Outburst was completely inappropriate, I mean, show some respect for the office of President!

Did you see Obama gave a speech on reforming Wall Street? I was very happy about that and hope we can get a good bill to make our financial system safer and better. I am sad though that Obama imposed tariffs on Chinese tires, the last thing we want to do is get into needless protectionism. At least that's my view :)