Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Drama in our back yard here all over Los Angeles. As you all may have already heard on the news, we got a bad fire that is out of control in the northern mountainous regions of the city. People with homes in those hilly areas have been evacuated, some of them refused and are now trapped, two firefighters were sadly killed when their car overturned or something trying to escape the flames, TV/radio towers and the observatory on Mt. Wilson there are in danger, and the plume of smoke that has risen above the area looks like a nuclear bomb went off. The acrid scent of smoke is everywhere now, and it's really aggravating people's allergies. I can see the flames at night from my pad; when I look towards those mountains and the unmistakable orange glow. Just when I thought there was nothing left to burn in this state, we have to deal every year now with these massive destructive and very polluting fires. It's becoming all too common--the temps the last three days or so have been out-of-this-world HOT. The joys of living in Southern California! LOLOLOLOL! Trust me people, Hollywood makes it all look great and glossy, but life is very tough out here. Sad for the people who own homes in these areas, and as my beloved bud pointed out, scary for all the wild and domesticated animals too.

I have met so many people throughout the past decade or so by going to the same general local bars for karaoke or through chat rooms online, and what I have come to realize is that even though there are lots of folks who are shallow and lame, there are truly some nice good kind people out there as well with the same problems and issues that I have. Yes, even in a town as vapid as Los Angeles, I have had the fortune of meeting some really awesome people here--they've graciously invited/taken me into their homes and given me insight into their private lives. I had never taken time to put this all into perspective, but it's hit me all of sudden tonight, that I've actually made some cool friends! I don't always get the chance to see them all as often as I would like, but when I do see them, I realize how much I appreciate them for who they are, warts and all. I've met countless people born and raised in L.A. like myself who are cool, and other rad souls from states such as Mississippi, New York, Texas, Kentucky, and Kansas of course! From ages as young as 21 to as old as 70! I just want them to know at this moment how much I appreciate you all for your sense of humor, for teaching me new things, and for genuinely liking me for who I am. This admission is eerily similar to my rant not long ago about how many cool people I know at work that I genuinely have grown to care for. I was becoming so socially withdrawn at one point years ago, but in admitting and embracing my homoness for good in the past twelve years, I realize that this is when my friendships began to truly blossom. Anyway, enough of this rant, but if you read this and feel I am talking personally to you, I probably am, because you took the time to check this blog entry out. Hell, I've even become somewhat attached to my regular blog readers as well. So there!

Do you realize what amazing historic day it is today? September 1, 1939! GERMANY INVADED POLAND! The start of the greatest war of all time! WORLD WAR F*CKING TWO! UNREAL! More than 70 MILLION people died in that war, and never has the planet been in such armed conflict, before or since! Hitler, the Japanese, FDR, Churchill, Stalin, the Holocaust, atomic bombs, submarines, airplanes, D-Day--what a horrible, fascinating and legendary time indeed, and it's been 70 years man--not that long ago, and yet so many from that monumental generation are gone:


RG said...

So, you've taken a moment to take stock, and life isn't so bad after all, except for that whole LA burning to the ground thing.

alice said...

It is sad to witness our state burning, and I feel for all the people effected. My boss had to be evacuated from his home in La Canada, and I hope his family and his property will all be ok. My mom always thinks it is terrorists lighting the fires to drain our resources.

Support from friends is priceless. I could not get through a day without it. It's cool that you feel thankful, because love, concern and attention are gifts. And you deserve them.