Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear friends, it's the most exciting time of the year! My only regret is that it'll all be over too damn soon and Thanksgiving will be next. YUCK! But who cares, it's Halloween weekend baby! YEEHA! Even if I have to stay home and hang with a good bud just watching horror films, I love the holiday regardless, although this year I am lucky to have been invited to a party and perhaps may, JUST MAY finally go to Palm Springs. I'm not sure what to do with my silly self really. And I have very good news! I finally have my Halloween disguise picked out! It's so cheap and simple and it dawned on me at last whilst at work yesterday! I hope it's a hit and I win ten million dollars or something for this most original of ideas. Then I can retire from my job and dedicate my life and resources to helping the needy and poor in Malawi like Madonna is doing. LOL!

Okay, lemme just say how much I admire Madonna for being so charitable with those people, and all those who criticize her are assholes. The woman doesn't have to do shit for them, and yet she's adopted two of these orphans and is helping to build schools and provide basic infrastructure to these almost helpless folks. That's to be applauded and admired. So give her credit for once, as you can see in this article/clip.

They just aired an IHOP
commercial with those delicious-looking pancakes and waffles and MAMA MIA SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Tempting bastards. The Michael Jackson documentary is getting rave reviews, I may just ask my brother to go check it out with me since I fondly remember him and I loving Michael throughout most of the 80s when he really ruled the world with his enormous talent. I think my brother rented the Thriller videocassette which had the making of it included, some ten thousand gazillion times! So in honor of MJ and Halloween and all that this awesome time of year has to offer, here ya go, a must-see fascinating documentary my bro and I used to watch all the time:


sttropezbutler said...

So will there be pictures? A video maybe. Happy Halloween....


Gledwood said...

AAARGHGHGHGHGKKKHQQQ! What a sinister pumpkin.

Did you know Michael Jackson sold 9,000,000 albums on CD and 5,000,000 downloads since his death?

I posted up an Indian Bollywood Thriller Vid yesterday. Can't remember where it's from but it is out of a cinema film, not just some internet viral thing.

Gledwood said...

ps re "the making of", it's the classic shot of him in monster garb sucking on that milkshake straw that I remember most vividly to this day

alice said...

I have been sadly neglecting the blogs that I normally frequent, and I apologize for my absence. I won't bore you with the details, but I will take this opportunity that I have now, to catch up on what you have been doing.

I loved Thriller and Michael. I must have watched that "making of" a thousand times too. It was the most innovative video of the time. It just makes me more sad at the shell of a person he became.