Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Chile had a massive unreal extraordinary powerful megaquake as you all know by now. YIKES!

So I go to the karaoke bar last night, and had a very good time, except for the fact my jacket was taken! ARGH! I simply left the thing with my cool nerdy trendy glasses in the side pocket hanging on the back of this chair by the bar, and while distracted someone either drunkenly or maliciously stole it! I sure do hope it turns up in the lost and found at the bar or something, but I doubt it. Oh well. I did like that jacket a lot and my awesome glasses, but they are only material possessions and the terrific mood I am in today almost makes this loss worth it, since I have been so down lately. There is a certain charm and attention I seem to attract at the local watering holes here, thanks to people I have known for years that never stop going. It certainly is nice to be going out more often than I had been, because it gets me out of the daily job routine. I'm no drunk by any means, but a good drink or two is very satisfying.

The new imag
es from NASA of the Earth are magnificent. Almost doesn't look real to be honest, but there it is, this floating blue jewel of a place in the middle of nowhere. Look folks, in the grand scheme of things, we are so small, so tiny, so insignificant. What a magnificent and miraculous concept that we're even alive and animated on such a remarkable planet able to sustain life itself! THIS IS TRULY MIND-BOGGLING! All of our worries, concerns, trials, tribulations, joys, ups, downs, pleasures all happen on the Earth--nowhere else! It is our one and only home. We cannot live anywhere else! Sadly, we hardly ever take time to realize how truly amazing and spectacularly lucky we are to be in such a bountiful place. Humanity ruins, destroys, and is easily corrupted by greed and envy--the Earth as a consequence has suffered great damage due to our terribly selfish species. I just wish we knew better sometimes, but alas, we do not.

Have a great week everyone! The sun has started to shine again mood-wise for me. I love this song by The Shins--easily one of the most beautiful and haunting tunes I have ever heard:


A Lewis said...

Seriously, you're so right! This little blue blob floating around in the middle of nowhere......spinning, complete with iPhones.

alice said...

I'm so glad you are feeling positive and upbeat. I worry about you when you are down, and feel a little helpless that I can't do anything to help.

This planet has many wonderous and magical aspects that we soooooo take for granted. It's nice to be reminded how blessed we are.