Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Okay! Alice in Wonderland was a visual feast! I got to see it in downtown at the new theater there and the screen was enormous! Not IMAX, but it was still a 70ft. tall gigantic thing! WOW! I like this 3D and all, but it's not something I can do often because it is almost dizzying and the fact I have to wear my own glasses first, then the special ones given on top of mine is quite annoying. I like what they've done to this section of Downtown Los Angeles to get people to go down there and hang out, and it is nice and all, except some of the folk that are there are pretty ghetto; not including me of course. HA. And I can't forget to mention how unbelievably delicious the food was at this place. MY GOD MAN. Really good food. Mmmmmmmm!

Thursday night, while at my "Hungarian" bud's place, my front passenger-side window was shattered by a goon thug asshole or two! ARGH! Yeah, they saw my cheap satellite radio and just had to steal it, thinking it was some pricey radar scanner or something. Fun
ny because I've left that thing in there for years and my car is looking pretty beat up as of late due to a recent car accident, but I guess it was not enough to deter the thief from breaking my poor little window--there was glass everywhere. Thank God I was a bit stoned, so I wasn't as upset as I would've been sober. LOL! I went home late that night, and had a window repair mobile service come fix it at my job on Friday morning. The Guatemalan repair dude was very nice and doggone it, I think the married fool was even flirting with me! I'm serious! He vacuumed all of that nasty glass out! It cost me an arm and a leg, and I heard all kinds of people telling me I should've gone somewhere else or waited for a better rate, but people always have solutions don't they?! I needed the damn thing fixed right away; driving around like that is just plain irritating and uncomfortable. And Sirius will be sending me a free radio too! YAY! I won't have Howard Stern though for a few days, and it's killing me already!

My Paul McCartney tickets to next Wednesday's show at the Hollywood Bowl have arrived! OH MY GOD. Expensive for sure, but who gives a f*ck?! It's Sir Paul! This is going to be historic:


mkf said...

(a) glad to see you're enjoying life again; (b) hope you and sir paul have a grand old time; and (c) may great, globulous pustules sprout spontaneously around the asshole of whatever asshole busted your window.

[oh, and thanks for your kind words over at my place--thought i'd been 86'd from yet another blog for my drunken, offensive comments, and was starting to get a goddam complex.]

Gary said...

Wat!! This post reminded me that I want to see Alice in Wonderland. I am on vacation this week and am planning to see a movie on Wednesday with my neighbor so Alice seems a good choice.

Glad you got your car fixed with minimum hassle. What's done is done.

Enjoy the concert.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Sorry about the car break in. I have lost track of how many times that has happened to me in SF's Mission. Last month I had the front license plate stolen TWICE in less than two weeks. Goons, indeed.

alice said...

Wow - sorry about your car. There are predators everywhere, for sure. I'm just glad it was your car they chose to violate, and not your person. Nevermind the Monday-morning-quarterbacking advice of what you should have done. It was important to get the window fixed right away - especially with how rainy this season has been.

I am in the downtown area quite often because we have season seats for the Kings. So I have watched the miraculous changes that have turned it from the ghetto into "the place to be". It's been an interesting transition.