Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I think this will be my only post for this week. I have lots to talk about, but whatever. I keep trying to make time to visit all yer blogs and I never do! PHOOEY! We had a nice little quake Tuesday early morn. Oh dear Lord, I rue the day a more giant destructive one happens. It is so unsettling to have the ground move beneath your feet like that. But what can we do? We're mere ants on this Earth. Lots of deaths in our office recently. Three actual co-workers and the relatives of some of our employees! EEK! I am going to have to just enjoy it as much as possible. Too much sorrow and pain in this world. In fact, I'm binging on an assortment of candy right at this very moment that I write just to make life a bit sweeter! LOLOL! Damn good stuff, although at this time of night who knows if my poor stomach can handle it.

I'm actually enjoying the more hours of sunlight! Can you believe it? Okay, just enough to light the road on my way home so it isn't dark and doesn't feel so late. Daylight Savings Time does seem to fool the brain a bit and alter one's perception, and the warmer weather we've been having is helping to make me wanna night owl around town more often than not. I had not sung karaoke in a while , and have been recently doing it frequently, now that I feel I have my voice back. Most of December and January I was trying to get over bronchitis, and I really thought I'd lost my awesome singing voice for good! Ah yes, I can still carry an Erasure, Elton John, or Beatles tune. Amen. Look, I'm certainly not the best singer, but I'm a competent one okay? I've gotten hit on just for my vocal talents alone and not being heavily reliant on the giant microphone between my leg...ER! OOPS! My wit is endless ya see? Shut it!

I've been hearing this song on satellite radio a lot! And I really like it. I t
hink the lead singer of this band is Malaysian, but born in Australia:

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alice said...

I LOVE daylight savings. I don't start work until 10:00 a.m. - and to put in a full day, I am at work until at least 6:30 p.m. I am the last one in my office each day, and it is not located in a great neighborhood. So walking to my car, in the dark, made me a little nervous. Now it's light, and I can relax a little more..... see the danger coming.

I'm not fond of earthquakes, but they usually don't freak me out. I am dreading the big one though - my brother works downtown in one of the big skyscraper buildings. I just hope it hits in the early morning hours before everyone is on the road, or in their work places.