Friday, March 12, 2010


OH MY GOD! Well I'm such a psychology major all of a sudden huh? I was recently obsessing over Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and I think I may have now identified my own disorder in the process! Yes kids, I am fallible after all! LOL! Now I know I'm anxious and depressive, but it all seems to stem from me having Dependent Personality Disorder! Dependents have a hard time making decisions, avoid jobs that are challenging, hate being abandoned, are very sensitive to criticism, are pessimistic/lack self-confidence, can't get projects started, are a bit naive, and sometimes tolerate abuse from others. HOLY MOLE MAN! That sounds just like me! They say that dependents usually become like this due to having had authoritarian or overprotective parents in childhood. Well, I don't have to look far; my father was a tyrant of epic proportions and in order to shield me from his maniacal ways and that of other nasty family members, my beloved mother was extremely loving and way too defensive of her shy naive innocent little boy. So here I am now in my mid-thirt...ER, TWENTIES having a hard time while everyone else is bloody perfect and has their act together! LMAO! Okay, we're all f*cked in one way or another, but there you go; I'm actually relieved to finally understand myself more here. This is a very funny example of the disorder, although I don't know if I'm that severe! HEE!

I'm happy Cesar M
illan is a positive example of a successful Latino in America, but I honestly find him a bit annoying to be honest! He comes across as a bit presumptuous, and don't those impossible dogs return to their normal bad behavior once he's off camera and gone from those peoples' lives? HA! The Dog Whisperer is not Jesus folks. He is not your canine's savior. That aggressive hysterical chihuahua that wants to attack everyone is not going to be miraculously cured by one of his 15 minute sessions on screen. I'm pretty sure Pancho goes back to nipping at everybody and the poor naive owner is left wondering why that stuck-up Mexican didn't change the pooch one bit!

Daylight Savings Time is here ye fools! I'm in the mood for some David Bowie. What a weird genius:

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alice said...

They say that knowledge is power, and I believe self-discovery and the "explanation" as to why we are the way we are, gives you lots of life ammunition. The most amazing thing that I have learned, at my advanced age, is that we are never done. We never reach the finish line and say, "There - I am the best person I am going to be." If we are smart, and I know you are, we keep searching to understand more, to improve what we do, and how we do it, and to reach a level of acceptance that is both peaceful and liberating. Perhaps we are all a product of our environments, but we can nip-and-tuck, emotionally, to become better people.