Wednesday, February 22, 2006

صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكريتي

Dare I say it man? DARE I SAY IT???!!!

I’m now starting to believe that Saddam Hussein should’ve been left in power in Iraq. What is it with these ridiculous shocking horrible daily headlines coming out of that country which seems to be spiraling out of control ever since the American invasion back in 2003?

From the Associated Press today:

Shrine Bombing Brings Deadly Reprisals
AP –
SAMARRA, Iraq - Insurgents detonated bombs inside one of Iraq's holiest Shiite shrines Wednesday, destroying its golden dome and triggering more than 90 reprisal attacks on Sunni mosques. The president warned that extremists were pushing the country toward civil war, as many Shiites lashed out at the United States as partly to blame. As the gold dome of the 1,200-year-old Askariya shrine lay in ruins, leaders on both sides called for calm: But the string of back-and-forth attacks seemed to push the country closer to all-out civil war than at any point in the three years since the U.S.-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein

Yeah, that great big giant bastard Saddam might be insane and ran that country like a Hitlerian psychopath, but it seems like he kept all these warring Moslem groups in check. They knew the consequences of stepping over the line, and the country was not in the grave disarray that it now finds itself in. Do these people even want freedom? Democracy? It sure doesn’t look like it.

I love America. I love this country. We make serious mistakes though. And this just may be the biggest since Vietnam. Our precious hot soldier stud boys dying, different Islamic tribes at each other’s throats, journalists/peacekeepers getting kidnapped and murdered, and it goes on and on, despite the new Iraqi president and constitution, which seem to be worth zilch.

Get that hilarious entertaining madman loon Saddam out of that courtroom and put him back in his palace in Baghdad.

‘Cause this shit just keeps getting uglier.


Todd said...

Whoa! I can't totally agree with you about putting Saddam back in power, but I fully agree that America had absolutely no reason to invade, as been proven over and over again. In this time, invading a country is ridiculous when there are so many other alternatives to avoid a "possible" nuclear threat. And I have to disagree about loving this country. It's hard to believe that I'm even wanted here with the hate-mongering right wing fundamentalist screaming daily about how evil homosexuals are and the rest of America turning a blind eye to the whole mess. They're happy as long as the cable TV works and they have a credit card or two to go shopping at the mall. Love America? Hell, I'm fucking scared of it!

Brad said...

They have even less electricity and basic services than they had when Saddam was in power. Pretty sad. We've been there almost 4 years, and we still haven't helped rebuild their basic infrastructure.

Buncha bumbling boobs in this administration, I tell ya.

WAT said...

Todd: I'm being facetious of course in wanting Saddam back as leader, but the irony is that many like you feel we shouldn't have invaded. Well, the point of invading was to remove him! Not invading would still have Saddam in power. So what gives?! The U.S. helped Saddam during its war with Iran and Reagan supported this guy...all of a sudden he bcame American enemy #1? What about Fidel, Kim Jung, and all the other murderers we've let get away? Yes, America still hates us as gays, but f**k, as long as we're here, we gotta love our home and support it as much as possible, until we have enough sense and balls to move somewhere else where we are true citizens.

Brad: Yes, under Saddam the country improved its infrastructure, had high literacy, and good health care! Yes, agreed, we've f**cked it up purty good.

Todd said...

The point of invading Iraq was for the Bush family's investments in oil, guns and natural gas in that area. The same with Afghanistan. The reason we don't invade North Korea or any other place that threatens WMD is because the Bush family doesn't have investments in that area. It's all about the money...

And yes, you're right about the rest. We actually have it better here than many in other countries. I just get so fed up sometimes!

Bill German said...

I just finished watching "into the blue" with paul walker. He is so fucking hot!

WAT said...

Yeah, INTO THE BLUE is so god awful boring, but Paul is gorgeous. Let's make him the leader of Iraq.