Saturday, February 18, 2006


An obscure and highly underrated Beatles' song off their now famous 1968 masterpiece,The White Album.

Written and sung by George Harrison, with all the other Beatles performing, except John Lennon! How about that?

A very quiet, but gorgeous song. It helps to turn up the volume a bit:

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G-Man said...

Ah yes...The White Album. That is by far my favorite Beatles album of all time. Perhaps because its so out there...perhaps because there's so much of it...And perhaps because it's beginning to focus on each of them as individuals rather than just part of a group. Isn't this also the time period that George wrote a bunch of the incredible stuff on "All Things Must Pass"? George has always been an amazing song writer, and with this album, the floodgates were wide open!

ScottyFerguson said...

While I have many alternate tracks from these recording sessions I have yet to hear another version or take of this song. Is there another take floating around somewhere?