Friday, February 03, 2006


It’s Iran, and Israel, and Iraq, and when am I gonna go back to college, and when am I gonna get laid once again, and should I clear out all those boxes in the back of the office loaded with cases, and it’s time to get my car brakes checked, and I haven’t been to the gym all week lazy ole’ me, and my car does need to get washed, and the boy that works here is increasingly cute to me, and will I ever move out of my house and get a place of my own, and I wish I didn’t have to take that psychotropic med for anxiety anymore, and how sad that ferry sunk with 1,400 aboard, and I keep thinking about getting older and death even though I’m still young and what’s to look forward to in this world that only keeps getting more uncertain and tragic everyday it seems, and is my checkbook balanced, and why am I not in a truly successful intense relationship, and why am I not making at least $60,000 at this stage in my life being as talented as everyone else says I am, and there’s much more plaguing my fragile complex brain, but who gives a f**k anymore.

WHEW! It’s Friday.

And I need a drink.


Bill German said...

1. Fuck college
2. Get Laid with me
3. No boxes, Yes circles
4. Call Midas, we wouldnt want you careening off mulholland drive on your way to weho.
5. Go to the gym, I don't want no flabby ass boyfriend.
6. Don't put your pen in the office inkwell
7. Stay at home, family is important.
8. Throw you meds in the toilet, you dont need them. Trust me, I have been there.
9. The red sea is sad sad sad.
10. Think only happy thoughts.
11. Why do you even have a checkbook when stuff like etrade exists today?
12. Fuck relationships, variety is the spice of life.
13. Learn to program in AJAX and then you will be making 100K.
14. Finally, watch the miracle worker now and you list will surely disappear.

WAT said...

Now that was cute. HEEHEE! Thanks.

G-Man said...

That was the longest sentence, ever.

Stress sucks, doesn't it?

Loren Soth said...

1. Go back to school. It will get your mind oof of things and perhaps you cn find a cute young guy you want.
2. Sigh tell me and we can go silly. How many times have I offered just to accompany.
3. Don't worry about the gym your fine. Perhaps take Martial arts? Its a better social activity
4. F' the family. They will only bring you ruin Look at me....I sacrifice everything and I am aleardy dead.
5. Forget it..... this is falling on deaf ears. May the gods and lil doggies bring you the Solace you need.